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CURRENT Developer Answers to your CP 2077 Questions

Most of what follows must be seen as temporary and subject to change. There are no promises being made here and you are not guaranteed results. Batteries are not included! So, see these as what they are - CD Projekt Red developer posts from the Net that represent -that answer- at -that time-.

And no more. Things change in development right up until release.

Let's have a good time and pleasant read and be kind to each other, thanks.

Here is the perfect way to begin:

Marcin Momot: "On behalf of the whole team, thank you very much for your kind words and for the trust you have in us."

Release Date: When It's Ready.

Why? Well, here's a quote from Adam Kiciński , President, CDPR, talking about his developers:

"[Our people] believe that, I hope they believe that, at CDProjekt they are able to create the greatest games in the world. No one will stop them because we, as business persons in the company, we are not valuing Business over Quality. So we never stop them from quality for any business reason."

"We have to calculate money, of course, but we are not the company which will ever, ever say, "because of fiscal, we have to." Never. We always look at the long term, we always look at the quality because we truly believe in it."


There. That's CD Projekt Red. That's why. "We always look at the quality because we truly believe in it."


>\ Are there official preorders anywhere yet?

June 18/18 Lilayah: "There are no official preorders just yet."

>\Will we get some kind of playable demo/beta before release?

Feb 1/19 Lilayah: "We have no plans for that."

>\Was the Press Demo a live run or just a video capture/pre-set script?

June 18/18 Kyle Rowley: "The game was being played live - trust me. We had a few issues that meant we had to restart the build mid-demo."

>\What kind of machine was the Press Demo running on?

June 16/18 Alicja Kozera:
CPU: Intel i7-8700K @ 3.70 GHz
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V, 2x16GB, 3000MHz, CL15
GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
SSD: Samsung 960 Pro 512 GB M.2 PCIe
PSU: Corsair SF600 600W

One of our forums own, Kinley, talked to two of the Devs and got some great answers - skills, quests, etc.

General Gameplay Questions

>\Isn't this game really an FPS? Or an FPS RPG or Immersive Sim?

June 15/18 Vattier: "Cyberpunk is not an FPS. It's not a shooter with RPG mechanics either. Cyberpunk is a role-playing game with attributes, skills, perks, items and choices with consequences. First person perspective is a tool we decided to use for narrative reasons. "

>\Can we join a faction like the psycho squad?

July 1/18 Vattier: "Freedom is the biggest value for cyberpunks, so they wouldn't permanently join any faction. In the game you will be able to work for various factions, but it won't be possible to join them ... We're not planning to introduce any reputation indicators for factions. Your reputation will be measured by a general Street Cred - reflecting how you're seen by the street. You will be able to increase it through side missions and it will allow you to unlock access to additional content, such as new shops or new missions."

>\What is the most important thing when planning a quest?

Sept 11/18 Bensensimmerns: "Honestly, the most important thing is to have an idea for a story that's interesting and speaks to the themes of the game. Usually that comes first, and then we think about what would actually be the interesting gameplay connected to it. So usually we only go ahead of the quest if it gives us a good opportunity to do both."

>\Who created the music in the demo?

Aug 28/18 Marcin Przybyowicz: "All music assets (all but one, to be precise) were composed and produced internally, including Chippin' In and other radio/media tracks."

>\Will the HUD and Damage Numbers above the heads be adjustable?

Aug 28/18 Marcin Momot: "That is exactly our plan. A lot of HUD elements (including damage numbers) will be optional. "

>\Is Netrunning in the game? Is it a big part of the gameplay?

August 21/18 Kyle Rowley: "Assassinating people and controlling devices by remote...Netrunning is a core pillar of our gameplay."

>\Are there mini games? Like GWENT?

June 18/18 Max Pears: "We are not sure yet if Cyberpunk 2077 will have mini games like Gwent in TW3, but we are going to have some activities players enjoy in the game. "

Combat/Movement Questions

>\Can you go prone?

Sept 5/18 Kyle Rowley: "You can see your feet (And body) but we don't allow prone atm. "

>\Is jumping context-activated or anytime?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "You can jump any time. It's not context driven. "

>\Do enemies fight with limbs shot off?

June 17/18 Kyle Rowley: "Yes they do. We have a wounded state when limbs are dismembered. "
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City Setting

>\What's the weather like? Bright and sunny or?

Aug 29/18 Benzenzimmern: "Hey, we'll have daytime, we'll have nighttime, we'll have sunny days, rainy days, gloomy days, etc.. It's a big game, and we only showed a small slice so far. "

>\Can we go outside the City?

Aug 24/18 Philipp Weber: "You can still go a little... well, not a little, you can go some way further. Of course there are natural limits to it at some point but it's not just the city."

>\How big is the game? How many miles of roads are there? I heard 12...?

July 11/18 Benzenzimmern: "It has however many miles of road we're making it at the moment. If you heard any specific predictions about the size of the game or the length of our roads, they're not accurate, as we're constantly developing and iterating. What I can say is that Night City is a big, dense, awesome place ;D "

Companion Questions

>\Are there always companions?

Aug 31/18 Benzenzimmern: "Hey, like in The Witcher, if the story calls for it, you will have a companion or two for a mission, but we don't want to do a "companion system" where you're never alone. "

>\How does this work in-game?

Aug 31/18 Benzenzimmern: " can also be dependent on the choices you made. Sometimes if you leave someone behind and it makes sense for the story for them to stay behind, we'll do it. And another time they might catch up. Whatever works best in a situation. "

Perspective Questions

>\So it's First Person and we rarely see our character?

June 19/18 CP2077 Twitter: "You will be able to see your character many times, don't worry! "

>\Will we be able to see our character while in the inventory screen

June 18/18 Kyle Rowley: "You'll see your character in the inventory. "

>\Can you see your own limbs, etc? Perspective on own body?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "We have it. If you look down you can see your body and legs. We also show it when vaulting, sliding "

>\Can we see hands when shooting, etc?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Yes, although we have different poses depending on the weapon of course."

>\Does the view stay in First Person while aiming from cover?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Yes, always remain in FPP."

>\When do you go into Third Person?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Just cut scenes and vehicles (optional). "

>\Is dialogue a third-person cutscene? Like Witcher 3?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Hey! It doesn't mean dialogue no. All dialogue options are done in FPP. This ensures we keep a seamless FPP perspective to maintain immersion."
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Character Questions

>\ Is there a morality meter of some kind? Like Paragon/Renegade?

Dec 6/18 Benzenzimmern: "We won't do an arbitrary morality meter for Cyberpunk. We try to handle these things in a more organic way, by tracking choices you make, and how they affect the people you interact with.
So a ganger on the other city of the city won't care if you told a fixer to fuck off, but the fixer might remember (or maybe they know each other, so now you got a whole new situation on your hand). Basically, we try to keep it as true to life as possible
. "

>\ Are there skills? Stats? Perks? How do they improve?

July 26/18 CP2077 Twitter: "We have Attributes like STR, REF etc. which can be raised by leveling up and Installing body cyberware; Skills, raised by successfully performing actions (Hacking, Crafting, Short Guns, Long Guns etc.); Perks unlocked with both Street Cred and XP."

>\ Is Cyberpsychosis a thing? Will it limit our cyberware/human interactions in game?

July 18/18 CP2077 FB: "Yes, cyberpsychosis is definitely a thing. But to what extent it will be able to affect V – we shall see. "

>\ Is the dialogue voice-recorded?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "It's voiced. :) "

Cyberware Questions

>\ Are implants a must?

June 15/18 Kyle Rowley: "As of now: Some implants will be required (or you will have the option to choose between X, Y and Z) in order to progress but most are optional. Note: Still subject to change etc etc. "

>\ Can we take implants from dead NPCS?

July 30/18, Lilayah: "The player cannot "harvest" body implants from dead enemies."

>\ How much cyberware CAN you put in? As much as a cyberpyscho? Can you go cyberpsycho?

June 18/18 Max Pears: "You won't upgrade yourself to implement your cyberwear as much as cyberpychos. Because if we allow players to do so, the story will go wrong. Our priority is story of course...there is a limit."

>\ Can you obtain cybernetic limbs that are visibly different? I.E. chrome arms/legs?

June 15/18 Kyle Rowley: "Can't talk about that yet sorry. "
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Gear/Vehicle/Housing Questions

>\How many weapons can you carry?

June 18/18 Kyle Rowley: "We want weapons to feel meaningful but at the same time we do want you to carry a variety. As said, we will talk about it more later for sure. "

>\Do you have rare items? Like, different quality of items?

June 17/18 Kyle Rowley: "We have rarity of items, yes."

>\Can we own multiple homes?

June 9/18 Peter Gelencser: "“V’s apartment will be a standard thing, you can own your apartment and there is a chance to own multiple apartments. "


>\Are Vehicles destroyable?

July 20/18 Lilayah: "We will have destructible vehicles."

>\Can you steal cars or are you limited to just one?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Yes you can steal cars. Not limited to one. "

>\Do you have animations for entering and exiting these cars?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "Yes for animations for entering and exiting vehicles. "
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Technical Questions

>\What are the system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077?

June 20/18 Lilayah: "Requirements for the game have not been announced. "

>\Will modding be supported?"

Feb 25/19 Lilayah: "At this point modding support is not our priority".

>\Current or Next-gen consoles?

June 17/18 Patrick Mills: "The current console generation is what we're aiming for. We are aiming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and of course PC as well."

>\Is there VR Support?

July 2/18 Lilayah: "Cyberpunk 2077 wont have VR support, at least currently we have no such plans "

>\Will there be a Photo Mode?

June 12/18 Lilayah: “We are planning to have a photo mode in the game”

>\Will there be loading screens from area to area?

June 15/18 Kyle Rowley: "No loading screens after the initial load into the game :). "
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Wow, lots of good official info, many questions answered, thanks Sard
I like most of the answers, but, we can only see the character in custcenes and entering vehicles, mhmm, a bit disappointing, an inventory similar to TW3 would be great, so we can see our character anytime we want
Wow, lots of good official info, many questions answered, thanks Sard
I like most of the answers, but, we can only see the character in custcenes and entering vehicles, mhmm, a bit disappointing, an inventory similar to TW3 would be great, so we can see our character anytime we want
For the inventory the question was not asked, im pretty sure you will see your character everytime you want.

Good Q/A ! Im really happy about these answers especially about the no sticky cover
Wow, lots of good official info, many questions answered, thanks Sard
I like most of the answers, but, we can only see the character in custcenes and entering vehicles, mhmm, a bit disappointing, an inventory similar to TW3 would be great, so we can see our character anytime we want
Yes, you can see your character in the inventory. It's been confirmed many times in interviews. :)
Wow, lots of good official info, many questions answered, thanks Sard
I like most of the answers, but, we can only see the character in custcenes and entering vehicles, mhmm, a bit disappointing, an inventory similar to TW3 would be great, so we can see our character anytime we want
CDPR answered me on reddit and I'm hoping for a second answer where I basically said I think they should clarify how often we'll see V's face during cutscenes. I'm convinced the majority of people will "get over it" with the combat and walking around being in FPP, but what I basically said was the gist of the issue is, is that people are saying "why make a cool ass character with a green mohawk and an awesome jacket if the game is in FPP."

Like will we only see V's face once every couple hours? Will we only see V's face 5 times in our entire 100+ hour playthrough? I really think this is the gist of the issue. Would be cool if they used story moments/cutscenes in witcher 3 as examples on how often for the camera shots or story moments focusing on V's face when clarifying this issue. I 100% get they're doing FPP for immersion and apparently have an awesome dialogue system and people will love it, but occasionally we do want to see our badass mohawk cool-ass jacket V guy or girl because I think we'll be immersed in this way as well.
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[Sard Edit: TPP stuff removed]

Hovewer I really want to know more about the daily life, should we eat or drink to keep a sort of good health, can we go to a punk concert or do sort of extrajob like security guy for a club :) you know things we can do just to chill in that amazing world

EDIT ; i wondering if i can finish the game without use any weapons ? ( but for exemple hacking a turret or robot who fight for me but never shoot with a gun myself) that would be so cool
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Oyun kurmaya deniyom ilerde anahtar istiyo nasıl ayarlıya bilirim bilginiz varmı bi yardım edermisiniz
Ok, just to get these questions out of the way, since nobody seems to have asked them:

1. jiggle physics (bouncing breasts/butt/etc) yes/no?
2. Mr. Studd/Midnight Lady available for V yes/no?
3. Playbeing exotic package from Chromebook 2 available for V yes/no?
4. if yes on questions 2/3, will there be any effects on gameplay/story?

Now that what the pervs want to know is out of the way:
5. Dynamic reflections in mirrors/glass/chrome surfaces yes/no?
1.Rumors are going around about a perk system/mechanical benefits from joining factions that represent the old roles from cp2020, Such as rockerboy/media/corp/cop. Can we expect perks to be drawn from them to add to our main classes? (Netrunner/solo/techie)

2.Is apartment customization a thing? As in furnishing and interacting with with the environment in and around it?

3.Can we expect bioware/nanoware to be featured in the game for the player in addition to the already guaranteed cyberware.

4.If empathy won't be a stat, how will humanity loss work? Since you're still trying to figure out how to implement a form of cyber psychosis for the player?

5. if limbs can be blown off, can heads be blown off as well?
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A shame we cant play without any cyberware, but I guess that would be boring. We still need to know how hacking and the net works, that's what keeps me up at night.

Thank you Sard and Kyle!
Q: When can you jump?

June 16/18 Kyle Rowley: "You can jump any time. It's not context driven. "
That's a gamesaver right there, glad it got clarified.

Btw, it's awesome that questions and queries get answered everywhere else but here.
(disclaimer: that's intentionally sarcastic comment, no need to feel bad about it)