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Cyber into the Punk [Fan-made Soundtrack]

Cyber into the Punk [Fan-made Soundtrack]

Welcome to the fanart audio portal for Cyberpunk 2077. Below is a list of all tracks posted in this thread up to the date of this edit. Have fun, let us know your thoughts and if you are an music composer, feel free to post your track too. If I post a URL instead of an embedded player, it means that SC can't find the link.




@ChrisPhilip38 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

All tracks posted are fanart, work of fiction and are not related to CDPR in any way.
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God jezus damn, that smooth sweet jazz in between it is a feast for my ears. I need more of this. Reminds me of Cowboy Bebop.
Oh wow, thanks for reminding me of such a cool anime. Will watch again some episodes to get some inspiration.
I made another track, this one is a bit monotonous but it doesn't distract you from the action. It is based on the idea of a team sneaking into a mega-corporation to steal some valuable intel. Track loops seamlessly (thus the sudden ending) and it can be downloaded too. Use it wherever you like and let me know if it created the sentiment of sneaking (I think it would work best for cases like the "Preparation Phase" of Rainbow Six Siege for example).
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New track, specially made for C77.

When playing this, imagine an organised gang of Solos (I know, crazy right?) attacking a hotel/cafeteria that works as a front for the great mob boss of the West City. The gang has to work its way from the bottom floor (cafeteria), up to the penthouse where the boss lives. They will face all kinds of defenses, from remote turrets to cybered heavies. Let the hunt begin.

Step 1(0:00): Assess the dangers. Go incognito and see their lower defenses. Mark the guard positions.
Step 2(1:00): Divert their attention. Send the most cybered-up Solo to attack in the middle of the cafeteria.
Step 3(1:19): Start the attack from the outside, every Solo takes a window and shoots using a Shotgun.
Caution 1(1:48): The first heavy appears! He needs more than a single shotgun to take down. Use grenades!
Step 4(2:23): Break the electronic door leading to the floors upstairs.
Step 5(2:39): Start going up the stairs, there are 27 floors to cover.
Caution 2(2:39): The mob boss already knows you are here. He starts to take precautions.
Caution 3(3:07): He barricades his penthouse door and places all his guards behind it. The guards hold automatic rifles.
Step 6(3:29): Plant explosives on the penthouse door.
--------(3:45): The guards wait, they are getting ready. There is silence.

Step 7(4:01): All hell breaks loose. Don't leave anyone standing.
Caution 4(4:25): A second heavy appears, this guy is huge! He breaks the team apart one by one!
Step 8(4:37): Time to use our augmentations, it's time for... bad blood. Eyes grow black and we lose our selves to the nirvana of the killing spree.

Last Step(4:56): Put a bullet in the mob boss. Gaze upon the city in the debris of the penthouse, the breeze feels nice. Another day in the office.

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I just had to. I just... had to.

All these tracks and no tribute to the 80's? Shame on me. Hope this pleases the Gods of Chromium.

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Let me know if you can hear all the instruments in this one, it's an experiment. It uses sound frequencies that not all people can listen.

Also, a bit more moody.