Cyberpunk 2.01 / 2.02 Crash /flatelined on i9 13900K : Here's the solution

Oodle is a library of data compression tools specifically designed for games that the developpers of Cyberpunk used for handling decompressions and shaders. (
Unfortunately the Kraken module of Oodle that RedProject used has a major flaw with i9 when abode 5.4 ghz. unfortunately Cyberpunk user the Kraken module rather that the Mermaid module for decompression ('Mermaid is ok above 5.4 ghz on i9) so the solution is to reduce your Performance core frequency to 5.4 and leave your effiicient cores at their normal values.
This solves the problem.
For Project RedTeam : you can use the leviathan module of OODLE rathier than kraken : it has a better decompression speed and flawless on i9 > 5.5 ghz
Or for PC users you can avoir kraken compression : we don't care if the game is 10 Gb more or less
Use XTU to set your frequency.
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