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Cyberpunk 2020 Daily Facts Conversation Archive

I believe NC Sourcebook doesn't go as far in describing NC Combat Zone :)
It does indeed - and further. Page 171. Some great stuff there, here's my favourite:

"It‘s a place where there are no streetlamps to mar the shadows, no monitor
cameras to watch illegal deals, and no cops to interfere.Of all
the mean streets of the 21st century, the Zone is the meanest.
Firefights are a way of life. Drugs are a way of choice. Brutal,
sudden death is a constant option. "
Getting into such later in the game will be thrilling, I imagine.

Of course "we" won't go there, screw that, we lose enough personnel in the policed areas!
Thanks! Curating music was one of my job responsibilties during my time in the game industry (before almost dying and becoming medically disabled - The Japanese have a word for it.... "Karoshi").

As a Cyberpunk 2020 fan since 1990, licensed music for 2077 is kind of my pet cause. I know how these things go, so I'm not expecting much to come of my pitch (link in my signature, if curious) but you never know. Maybe CDPR can find something useful in what I'm doing.

The idea is to not touch anything they are doing as they clearly have things in hand there. Instead, the hope is to COMPLIMENT what they have publicly confirmed.
And they've only been in the top of the charts for a "mere" 31 years (since CP2020 was published in 1988)!