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Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer Frame by Frame EP03




Megabuildings are a prominent feature of the Night City skyline in 2077 and function like cities within a city. Each serves as a microcosm for Night City at large. They are self-contained architectural behemoths that offer housing, food, firearms, medicine, training — you name it, it’s there. But don’t mistake them for a futuristic realization of a utopian society. They share much of the same grit, grime, and danger you’d encounter out on the streets.

Night City is a shining example of consumerism run rampant. No matter where you look, you’re pitched a product, an aspiration. Whether you’re riding the metro, brushing your teeth, or pissing in an alleyway, the glitter, vibrant color, and allure of it all sucks you in. Advertisement saturation is a constant part of the sensory experience. Corporations are selling an unattainable dream and the masses are buying into it hook, line, and sinker.
Old computers ? We'll be able to play CP 2077 on Ultra? A-A-And it's free??? [ High pitched voice] Awsomeee!!!!!!!
So what you are saying is there will be a lot shops and places where I can spend my hard earned money at also I hope there fun path ways I can parkour through this building like in Mirrors edge.

I also hope that the city will be spread just so it doesn't to crowded or that everything on top of each other and that only a small part map has all the important while the rest I just bar and which would make the game very annoying and boring I just want the world to be spread out like San Francisco in watch dogs to or Los Santos in GTA V not everything not just one area that is one big city with all the fun and everything else is just bar and like fallout 4.

I also hope you put those vehicles to good use I don't just to use my vehicles to travel from A to B and want to have fun using them by doing stunts, seen if how fast they can, run from the police , exploring by driving instead of fast travelling which I did a lot in Witcher 3 because traversal was not fun in the game and you could not do cool stuff while travelling like in other games.
The universe of Cyberpunk is of an incredible richness. Let's hope that CD Project does not spoil this license and that the game will not be released in 2077!
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