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Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer Frame by Frame Final Episode 13 - Speed and style

Guess I missed that particular comment/quote.

Coming straight out and saying it's not an FPS or a shooter with RPG mechanics makes me feel a LOT better.
I really was getting the feel it would be some sort of bastardized FPS/RPG combo.
Just to Devil's Advocate myself....

It's not like we have actual EXAMPLES of this stat-based gameplay yet, sooooooooooooooo I mean CDPR wouldn't lie but their interpretation isn't ours. Also months or years left until release. Soooooooooo...

I'm fine. I'm not worried. Nope.
The forums may quiet down but the hype train is going nowhere but up, especially after they release more footage. I believe this is going to be the best game ever made honestly, I know that sounds like my expectations are too high but actually all CDPR needs to do is make another game as good as Witcher 3 with a cyberpunk aesthetic, and I think we have enough evidence to prove they are already outdoing themselves so.. cyberpunk 2077 will be the new benchmark.
Well now I'm worried combat may end up being clunky because the shooting part isn't the main focus....
There will be tons of fight, because Night City is an ultraviolent setting (so, the fighting mecanics will most likely be well fleshed out), but yep, Cyberpunk isn't a beat em all or a "fps" in the shooter meaning.

Cyberpunk is an RPG in a modern setting, so yep, unlike Skyrim, you won't ride a horse but ride a car and you'll most likely use a gun instead of a sword, because it's way more convenient.
But everything is the same (or, at least, from what we saw, heard and read about it).

Talking about Cyberpunk as a generic shooter is like trying to compare Skyrim to Soul Calibur, both have sword fights but beyond that, Skyrim offers a whole world to explore and things to do.

That's what I expect from CP77, not just a random Doom 2077 clone, but the shooting mecanics will probably be well fleshed out... Just because it's a necessity (like if they'd throw the sword fight away in witcher because it's not the main focus of the game, also FPS tends to be easier to do that TPP (less animations, etc... Needed)
I expect there will be lots of opportunities for combat, and hopefully methods to avoid it if you desire. This isn't a shooter, so don't expect first rate combat, that's not the focus of the game. But I'm sure combat will be decent.