Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Made Videos and Tributes {SPOILERS}

I'm not gonna lie, all are very good, but the second 'V - Never stop Fighting" is a true work of art. I get chills every time I watch it !
With V's and other Character's voices (Misty/Johnny/...), the music and the chosen moment's, for me, he catches the "spirit" of Cyberpunk (hopes/sadness/death/...)
Such an amazing video, for to said the truth, after discover it in an other thread, directly "watch on Youtube" > "Like" > "Subscribe" :)
Charles Liu, you rock !!!
Ohh, there're some very goood ones! :oops:
Found one that is quite uplifting and doesn't make me wanna cry (in a good way, but still) :D
Love it, I think the best part about the montage is that the style is so consistent through the whole thing, CGI, Gameplay Trailers and Gameplay itself that it flows really well together to the point where there's no distinction.

Thanks for this :D.

P.S. Love the song as well :).
Please videos made by fans who love this game and its possibilities and bring out the best it has.

With this post I want us to send positive energy to the development team and encourage players to live the experience that the game gives us right now.

There are many of us who love Cyberpunk 2077 and its great possibilities in the future.

We participate in their forums, we are attentive to each new update of the great CDPR team, we try to defend CDPR's image even if they have suffered a bump along the way and we feel what this game gives us as a very personal experience.

I feel a lot of good feelings with some video work that fans of the game are doing and I would like to share them with you and encourage you to post the one that you have seen and liked so that we can all enjoy them.

It is another way to give good energy and accompany the entire CDPR development team on this hard path. Go!!!! We are still attentive to your news !!!!

These are my contributions, I look forward to yours:

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