Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79% of its Players in the First Month

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I find it difficult to keep playing a broken, buggy, linear game that is obsessed with Johnny and celebrities. Sorry not really my thing.

I'll admit losing 79% of your playerbase within the first month is quite big BUT it is also expected, granted some may like how the game is but clearly a lot of people do not.

Hopefully this will wake CDPR up a bit and realize that they need to do something, if they even still care otherwise it will keep falling...
They are not lost. This is a SP game where you can take as much time as you want. There is no MP content that requires player numbers to work.

Also not playing =/= not liking the game. Many are holding off until patched, many are in the process of upgrading to play and many are simply unable to play for the same time frame due to the real world and having things to do that are actually important.


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Of course I respect you, what's more, I love it because I also learn that way, I'm not perfect in my opinions, I get carried away by emotion and cyberpunk has given me good emotion in many moments. I agree that blind love is not good for the industry, but I am seeing so much bad criticism just for hurting and especially from people who have not played it and others who have not bought it ... I have. paid and if I am enjoying it despite the shortcomings it has, I want to give my positive assessment encouraging them to continue the unfinished path and give us the product they promised. It's hard for me to say: damn because there are bugs, damn because there is no more story, damn because .... I think it is very likely that the cyberpunk that we have seen will transform and within 2 years it will be a marvel. I want to believe it and I also think that the pride of the designers and the love for their work will make the game evolve. I just want to say guys go ahead, the main missions and a lot of the secondary ones are fucking awesome, go ahead, work hard and show your power. the story is very good, the characters are very good but night city needs more interesting npcs, evolved ia, more history and more life that does not make you feel at any time that you are in a dead city.

I mean i get carried away by my hate as well. Both blind love and blind hatred is bad.
And i really do understand what you say with people giving only bad criticism.
Not everything about this game is bad. The graphics are really good for example. The characters are very good (i mean they would have been even better if they didnt kill off every character after 3 missions... which is again a very bad thing.).
Except Johnny Silverhand.. i just cant stand him. (probably because V is just a side character because of him.)
But theres just too many bad things in my opinion.

- Missions feel so.. short and empty.
- We were supposed to feel attached to Jackie, but when he died after 3 missions i was like.. what do they want me to feel now? i barely know this guy..
- Evelyn on the other hand i was very angry that they just offed her the way they did and given her almost no impact on the game.
- Cut content in both characters very visible.
- You can have so many cars but you dont even have a garage.. like wtf? where do all these cars park?
- which brings me to -> no apartments to buy. same apartment, no matter how much money you make.
- dont get my started on physics of this game..
- cut content like train station and many more.
- AI? yeah right..
- what to do after missions? screenshot simulator
- no interaction with the world. ( cant go on a date, cant go to a strip club or casino, cant go sit somewhere and eat something. i once drove to the badlands and tried to interact with the world somehow, playing a bit RP. Let me tell you that it didnt went well, because you cant do anything except taking screenshots..
- choices do not matter except for the last mission and some side quest that have nothing to do with the main mission and no impact on the world.
- Gangs? play no role in this game. cant even interact with them.
- Cyberpsychos? no conclusion. (get ready to pay for dlc..)

And what i wrote here was just fast what i remember as of now. Theres a lot more whats wrong with the game.
Now that ive told you whats wrong, you should be able to understand why i do have this anger. Its not just that i paid 60€ for this.. but also the fact that CDPR did lie a lot and hid things here and there.

Imagine you go buy a car and half of what you bought is missing or not functioning. Then you see some stuff they tried to implement into the car and thought we just leave it like this and cut it out. So i have cables hanging everywhere for no reason.
This game is a product, just like a car is a product. CDPR is a company just like the ones who produce cars.
If this happenend with a car, the outrage would be incredible.
Nothing different is happening here, accept for some people here on this forum to say "we should relax and wait it out."
If you told that to a person that bought a car and was deceived the way we were, they would go mad crazy.
they wouldnt wait 2 years to get what they bought for.

I hope you can at least understand why others and me are angry.
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Im on my 3rd playthrough as I've created different V's to cover the different endings and even though I feel like I am playing the game the exact same way the outcomes for stuff has been different, I've found new dialogues, missed stuff.

If you blast through the story and don't really do much else you have really missed the mark with your investment in getting the game. There is so much rich detail in Night City and stuff to explore, I just really don't know how anyone could blast through the main story and then complain about there being no content?

I'm still playing now, still going to keep playing for the moment, I love the genre and can get lost just exploring the city.
That is ok, people just completed the game, the same numbers of lost players were for TLoU2 and other single games. What else should you do in single player game once you completed it?
Well this has its explanation:

1. Large percent of people are playing for the story - ending with disappointing story normally would make them not play anymore. Also those people as mentioned in this thread don't touch much of the side quests and stuff.
2. Low replayability - indeed the game in its current state does not offer much to make you stay or replay it again.

Personally I have played around 150 hours with two full playthroughs. Second one much better than the first of course, because I already knew how things are. But still at this point there is nothing to do anymore and... it is just that I guess.
Not surprised. A majority of players just zoom through content as quickly as possible, many even not doing any side missions. Myself, I have played 100 hours, completed all the major character side story arcs and still have not started the last main story arc mission. I prefer to get my money's worth out of games.
In my previous post i have forgotten to say that i am near 200 hour of gameplay, i am a completist by nature so i have done all the doable, but i havent finished the game, like in skyrim (over 1500 hours of game and i have finihet it jut once)
but I am seeing so much bad criticism just for hurting and especially from people who have not played it and others who have not bought it ..

So people who critisize have not bought or play the game.

Q: Who are these people?

Q: How do you know?

Proof for your claims please.
Show us the evidence.

I have critizised the game.
Q: Am I included in this category of people you spoke about?
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I mean, this is pretty expected. The story is like 30 hours long at most, and the open world portion is sabotaged by awful balance where you quickly become so powerful that the game becomes boring and getting more powerful loses its appeal.

Witcher 3 just has a lot more long term playability because it stays fun even once you can confidently handle any enemy. In Cyberpunk you can be unstoppably OP before you ever leave Watson.

Also because of how the story plays out the game basically craps on the idea of taking your time to explore and experience the world unless you simply ignore the story.
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Believe me, I want to play more of it, my face is glued to the computer in forums and facebook groups but I feel like I have squeezed all I could out of the game. And in relation to the article, I am sure the reason why Witcher 3 got a spike in players at the start of 2020 was because of the Netflix show.
Well, the 'statistics' are for one platform, which means the 79% number is suspect at best.

It's also Steam, and the playerbase there is extremely fickle at the best of times.
I don't think it lost the players, I think those players like myself are waiting for the game to get patched so we can complete a playthrough. In the meantime all we can do is watch the demo gameplay reveal they released 2 years ago and dream of THAT game
There's another issue not mentioned by the article. I know this is just anecdotal, but I actually had to stop two different relatives from returning the game before Christmas - they had bought it for another person as a gift and didn't want to give them a broken game (they had heard the news about all the bugs, etc).

I explained the game was still very enjoyable and the bugs weren't as bad as various news outlets were claiming, convncing the relatives not to return it.

I wonder how many others were supposed to get Cyberpunk as a Christmas present, but instead got something else because the gift giver had second thoughts.
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