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Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer



Edo34;n10197822 said:
Has it really been half a decade already...time sure flies fast.
Crazy right? We both have registered on this forum five years ago on 11.01.2013......happy anniversary man:hatsoff:


Deletent;n10345782 said:
Oh, I guess, Cyberpunk will be realised in 2077 lol [h=1][/h]
My wild guess is that the game will be realized in 2020, considering that is the year of the original Cyberpunk PnP game.

This also fits into the usual about five-year cycle of CDPR when it comes to game publishing.


Junior Member
Looking forward to seeing more at E3 hopefully! I'm so ready to just be all about this game!


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Humanwarrior;n10497292 said:
I can't express enough how much I'm looking forward to this game. How about a soundtrack teaser next?!
Something about it was mentioned on the Madqueen show.


Lisbeth_Salander;n10525072 said:
I just heard about this game today, when is it coming out?
TBA. No information regarding the release window/slated date has been put forward as far as I know. Speculators say Q1-Q3 2019. But always take speculation with a grain of salt.