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Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

All I want is a close up of an ingame fingernail. Fingernails are all the rage these days and, disregarding the relative non-success of the game Rage, I believe CD Project Red can at least fulfill the desires of one, until now, quiet, yet fingernail driven, fan.

Yours Sincerely
sv3672;n10921319 said:
I doubt it tells about the planned release date of the game,
Oh yeah, definitely not, I was just wondering if it's an Easter Egg towards something, which chromedog pointed out below:

chromedog;n10920728 said:
Raven microcyb was a hardware maker (netrunner stuff as well as cyberware) in the old P&P game from the early days of the game. 6502s were neat in the early 80s but outclassed by a lot of stuff by '87, though.
It's just a trailer that does not send a lot of info. I'm waiting to see a gameplay trailer.
Too bad it's been 5 years that it is announced and still no date.
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