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I would like focus here on two aspects that weren't discussed much yet.

City architecture
This is not year 2077.
While contemporary builders and architects are still limited by various factors, CDPR were only limited by there imagination. For the future setting and next gen game they promised the city should look very different. Key points:
- there is a clear trend for more fluid shapes inspired by nature. Check out some buildings in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai. This trend will continue in the years to come.
- unusual building shapes. The architects are getting more creative with cantilevers, original building geometries, interesting combinations of materials in facade cladding. Check out Melbourne, Rotterdam and Moscow City business district.
- the buildings will be much more environmentally friendly. Open terraces and rooftops with greenery will soon become the norm, especially in warm climate.
- windows are getting larger. Nowadays even medium size residential buildings are glazed floor to ceiling and this trend will continue, unless it's a cold climate which Night City is not.

In CP2077 too many buildings are square boxes with lifeless facades. A few buildings are actually nice and futuristic but it's not enough of those to make believe you are in the future. Also, why are there almost no trees on the streets? Was there some cataclysm that killed all vegetation except a generic palm tree?

I saw that some people really liked the city, but for me it's far from making the cut in 2077 setting. To highlight something positive in the end, the city is BIG. It really feels like a city as opposed to some games where a "city" is a just a couple of blocks. Also, road textures and marking look great. :D

Car design
This is atrocious. It is not even 2020. The cars look awful - all cars in the traffic (no exceptions) and almost all of unique cars a player can buy. I saw recognisable Lambo and Smart designs that CDPR for some reason made uglier, retro cars everywhere, Porche 911 that for some reason looks exactly like today... come on. This is not how the future should look like!

Interiors of the car are not as bad as exteriors, but not great either. Cars produced in 2020 have fresher, more modern look and feel inside.

And why is there no option to put the car on auto-pilot? Even now there are real models being tested on the roads. Give it 10-20 years and we shall all be driving without touching the wheel.

And why are there no motorcycles or pushbikes on the roads? The only motorcycle in the city belongs to the player LOL :D
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City architecture

In CP2077 too many buildings are square boxes with lifeless facades. A few buildings are actually nice and futuristic but it's not enough of those to make believe you are in the future. Also, why are there almost no trees on the streets? Was there some cataclysm that killed all vegetation except a generic palm tree?

Car design

In fact yes. (this is lore from the TTRPG) There was a big explosion in Arasaka Towers in Night City around year 2023. It was a small (pocket) nuclear bomb that killed a lot of people, both with the explosion and the radiation after that. Most people fled from Night City and the center was in total ruins. For a lot of time, the city was half-abandoned and then people returned and started rebuilding with scraps. Not many goodies coming from outside.

Night City is located at some point on the west coast of US, but it's an independent city, it does not belong to the actual US of the game, so it has to fend for itself. Not many niceties came into the city during reconstruction and the years after. I think that maybe in other parts of the worlds you may see more modern designs and shit, but not in Night City.

So yeah, makes complete sense that the City is kinda scrapy and looks like it looks.

Also, outside of lore, it is a cyberpunk setting. It's supposed to be kind of dystopic and broken (it is punk after all), not a bright future with many advances. Corporate war and poverty is all over the place, with a few fortunate ones that have all the nices things and a big mass of people just living on scraps.

I am disappointed with some things in the game (lifepath is kinda meaningless, nudity censorship and lack of customization after character creation mostly), but I think they have nailed the aesthetics and environment pretty well.
So... finally, here it is! What do you think about Cyberpunk?


Quote of the day:
My impression is that the launcher is nice. Can't say more because the "play" button don't launch anything.


As for myself, I have decided to let this game age in the cellar for 1-2 years to become a true masterpiece. If you played The Witcher Wild Hunt long enough, you know the difference between version 1.01 and 1.32. If you didn't, trust me - it was very noticeable. I enjoyed the game so much more when the bugs and rough edges were refined, so I am going to do this with Cyberpunk.
I like it for the most part but a few bugs are kind of killing some enjoyment
I think the game is fantastic and I'm very happy with it. As a seasoned Bethesda player, I know that bugs are generally part and parcel for games this large and I do feel bad for CDPR for all the negative feedback they're getting for what is a great game. I understand their struggle really, they began developing this game for PC, PS4 and XBox One. Suddenly there's a new console so they're developing a PS4/XBox One game for the new consoles and PC. It was a mammoth undertaking and people were getting antsy as the release date was constantly pushed out.
I love the atmosphere, the dialogue, characters, story and the gameplay generally. Of course there are some issues I'd love to see worked on but as a PC player, they're not core game issues. I've not had any crashes or encountered any game/quest breaking bugs. Physics engine bugs are common so I don't care about those.
I'd love to see more appropriate love interests (people you get to know), I'd love to see proper intros for each of the origins. It seems as though the cutscenes and comments during the first mission "The Rescue" are solely for people who have started the game as a Nomad. Most of the things that you're informed about during/immediately after The Rescue are things a Corpo or Street Kid would definitely know. But again, I'm an RPG player so these are little things.
Very happy with my Cyberpunk 2077 :)
Graphics, city design, and storyline. Those are the good features in this game.

Everything else is subpar. Endless broken promises and cut features. I can't remember the last game I played which had worse AI than this.
I should preface this by saying that I remember being apart of the burgeoning community when this game was announced back in 2012. Back then, the forums were mainly consisting of a small community, a lot of fans of the table top and RPGs in general, and I remember there were many threads discussing about our hopes for the game and the things we didn't want to see from it. Now I understand that we aren't the ones making the game, it wasn't crowdfunded, and as a company you already had your own vision of what you wanted to be. I've spent 75 hours with the game now, took a break, processed some things, reflected, and it has to be said. The thing that surprises me most about this game is that you basically took everything that the older community said they didn't want in the game and put it in, and everything we did want is just not present. I get it. You guys are big time now, you got to appeal to the general audience and get them on board. It's where the money is. I have been playing and enjoying your games since the first Witcher game, so it's not the easiest thing in the world for me to honestly say I think this is the worst game you've made yet. It's not bad. In fact it's quite good, it does a lot of things right. First and foremost, the city. The city is probably, from a visual design standpoint, \the best city ever crafted in any video game. The architecture, the layered, textured feel of the world. The people, of all walks of life, walking past. The sense that you are a small and insignificant part in this massive eco system. Nailed it. It's great. Now god forbid you actually try to touch the world because the illusion cracks, but I digress. The LOOK has been achieved.

But what MASSIVELY disappoints me, and what I can't get over is that the RPG systems, particularly the character progression, is severely lacking. Not only that, while you may have taken the names of the stats from the tabletop, the way they are implemented, what they actually mean in the context of the world is baffling in it's inconsistency. I remember when you had the blog, cited inspirations for the game were Fallout 2, System Shock, Deus Ex,etc. I can kind of feel the Deus Ex, but these other games did not have any influence on the design of this product. Firstly, the checks in this game refer only to the attributes and not the skills, which I imagine is because of skills only increasing through use and you didn't want to gate people by making them grind that way. That's fine, I get that. What I don't get, is that the dialogue options that are given via these attributes are inconsistent as hell, and frankly bizarre. For instance, Body, skills listed under it are Athletics, Annihilation, and Street Brawling. Body checks are used to intimidate at times, this makes sense. Other times Body checks give V dialogue options as if he's a grizzled war veteran who just got back from deployment. It's a stat used to connect with a depressed police officer who's friend just died, to calm and ease a shellshocked, PTSD addled psycho soldier, to display knowledge to s 6th Streeter that he is familiar with his extremely rare military issue sniper rifle. What? Why? What the hell does body have to do with any of that? The skills under Body don't even reflect having such knowledge, because rifles, handguns, and stealth are under Cool and Reflex respectively. Speaking of Reflex checks have absolutely nothing to do with your characters reflexes at all, it's just them reacting quickly to unusual statements or events. Cool checks have very little to do with your characters composure, and seemingly only grant quippy or self confident options, barring the one time where you talk to Judy where I think it was used well in that your characters demeanor immediately assuages her suspicions, that was a good implementation.

Then there is the skills themselves as they are used in combat, the vast majority of Perks are just percentage increases to damage under certain scenarios and don't change how you play at all, barring making combat more spammy as you get increased crits and status effects with absolutely no change in animation. The decision to make Cyberware gated by attributes is utterly bizarre, as is the decision to change attributes limits to a base 1-20 instead of 1-10 with cyberware being the only way to past the threshold. I don't even know where to begin for most of this stuff, but I can remember having long conversations years ago about not wanting this exact system you have in place. I don't need to mention crafting being utterly broken and useless. The weapons having this very looter shooter progression to them rather than having the weapons be distinguished by function and modular customization. Like I said, I could go on,, but I'm not very happy with this and I doubt it will change because they are the very fundamentals upon which the game is built. Cyberware is very limited, the arm cyberware in particular amounts to nothing but new melee weapons and it seems all the secondary functions have been cut from them. Not to mention you cannot really customize yourself with any fashionware (Chrome skin, etc) or what have you but I digress.

Last but definitely not least, the technical state of this game is atrocious, even on PC. I bought the Witcher 3 on launch and this game is by far worse off than that game was. At least in The Witcher 3 character didn't merge into walls during the most emotional parts of their quest, completely lose their facial animations or their audio, etc. I gotta say I don't think the whole "interactive cutscene" concept was worth it guys, I don't think anything significant was gained from it. In fact you lost quite a bit. The cinematography in Witcher 3 was excellent, and due to the perspective in Cyberpunk, it's far more limited. None of the scenes you've done really go beyond what has been done for other first person games. I understand the vision, but I don't think it was worth it. Yes, looking up at the skyscrapers in Night City is cool. The first couple of times. Maybe less so when you look up and see a random car stuck in a wall some where on the horizon. I also think we lose the effect of seeing our character in the world. We are not V. V will never be me. I feel like it's a wasted opportunity in RPGs to indulge int he exercise of being someone else. Thinking like them, stepping out of yourself and considering other perspectives. V has far too much presence to be a self insert. I don't think the concept of "You are V" works at all.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

I haven't finished the game, honestly I'm struggling to find the will too, I think my time is better spent elsewhere at the end of the day.I just gotta say, I don't think what you released is the game you wanted. It's the game you thought other people wanted. I think in the process of developing this game you;ve become something else as a company compared to where you started when it was announced. That's a shame because have been fans of you guys for a while. The most important promise you made regarding this game was that it would only release "when it was ready". Well it's here, and it damn sure wasn't ready. You knew that. The fact that you were so evasive about it cements you as the same as every other triple A developer sadly. I wish things were different, but we are where we are.
Bought it on PS4 Pro, here's my experience so far-
Graphics issues
-Vastly underpopulated by comparison to the gameplay trailers, not a surprise though really.

-Graphics fidelity is dialed waaaay back, with textures in particular being dated looking at best, surely nowhere near optimized. Hope for significant improvement over time from patches.

-Blurring of moving objects, and this is after turning off motion blur and all the other graphics options.

-Consistent blue screen crashing after playing for anywhere from 2 hours or more, happens about once in a 4-6 hour play. This is still after first hotfix.

Gameplay issues/ Quality of Life

-No body morph options in character creation. Just skinny V. The random npcs clearly have an option for body morphs though, so why hold this back? I get having some limits so that it's not absurd but we can't even make a more heavyweight character like Jackie or the various Bodyguard npc's? Seems especially odd with the option clearly being within the game engine somewhere.

-No custom control remap option

-Arm augmentations are reduced to simply being weapons, offering no discernable mechanical or utility benefits, very bland with Rocket Launcher arm generally being the most combat effective by far, the Gorilla Arms and Mantis Blades being simply blunt weapon or bladed weapon options, and finally the Monowire basically being glow floss jump rope with no stealth gameplay benefit.

-Leg Augs have no stealth option? Really?

-Melee System is oversimplistic, refer to games like Chronicles of Riddick or Shadow Warrior for a much better first person melee system based on movement direction to add attack options. Bullet blocking was shown in recent gameplay trailers and seems to have been removed or was a farce.

-Thrown knives are not retreivable...

-The gear menu is kind of a mess, with no base damage drop menu option for determining quickly what guns have best damage per bullet and no armor score drop menu option for all worn clothing/armor. Same could be said for range on sights for weapons and silencers.

-A gear lock toggle option would be appreciated so we can sort out sellables faster.

-Sliders and number entry boxes for store purchases and sales as well as crafting would help

The hacking is really well fleshed out though, probably the most rewarding build path gameplay-wise.
Also the cover system works pretty well for gunplay.
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Many people pointing out how much more realistic open world could be, if smart NCDP and bounty system was added.
Here is my problem with that. Today while exploring open world I realized something, how we would even break the law ? The only thing that exists as a crime that I could find, is shooting innocent people.

There is no system\feature in the game that makes us break the law. Even side missions which require to steal something - are legal. Cameras can see us entering some restricted location, we're good. We can steal items from NPC's - no problem with law. We can kill gang members - no problem, we just helping police I guess.

To make it fun, CDPR would need to rework ENTIRE GAME. It's gone guys, the only thing we might get is fix for Star Trek officers who can beam up to our location. Forget about crime and punishment system. Not going to happen.
CP2077 is only about 25% of what it should have been (because of the missing content and the rushed linear story) and they'll never fix it, just the bugs.


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The shooting is so damn good, the recoil, the animations, the sounds, the punch, I especially love this bad boy in Johnny's sections. It's addictive once you get used to dodging and tossing grenades then shooting the grenade to blow it. The story quests are by far the best bits of the game, they really made good use of the first-person perspective there, so immersive. Now if only they can carry that to the rest of the activities in the city.


I am fortunate not to have had any major bugs just minor graphics glitches on my PC. I love the game. Side-quests are well designed and varied. World is engaging and thought provoking, combat is fun. Yes, there are some issues (driving comes to mind :) ) but I know they'll fix all that.
I have not watch any trailer or image of the game before playing it so I had zero expectation.

I started playing it and really liked the opening.
It felt like a refreshing game with new mechanics, and a very wide and living original world to explore.

Unfortunally after the story goes on I figured out this was a big lie from CDPROJECT RED who got our money and years of work from their devs to deliver us a cut game with empty world.

Shame on you who had so much talented and devoted dev to work on a true living world and finally cut it to release the game sooner.

I thought this game would finally bring freedom to the player to another level in video game industry and revolution it but it didn't.

If I see a cop shooting innocent people in the street I can't shoot the cop. I can't take screenshot of your game because no overlay and photo mode is not available you know when, also I can't take photo or shoot at childrens.

I take my time while playing games and it took me 200 hrs to finish TW3 main story without doing all subquest.
I expected Cyberpunk 2077 to have literally a main story quest 3 times more long but no so even if I did almost all subquest it only took me 59 hrs.

I still think it was worth my money don't get me wrong but I really think this game would have been the game of the century, a big revolution in video game vision and depth, if this game would have been completed.

The City is big, very big, and diversified. But empty. In the first area you can walk and do some stuff while walking without even taking a car, but as the story goes on and you go outside this first area the city get emptier. There is nothing to do, you can't drink a cocktail at a bar, you can't eat ramen, you can't talk to people, you can't hope for hidden stuff to find, etc... It is a beautiful empty city with no real PNJ, only walkers with no life. Perfect for a car game but not for the game it was meant to be.

I hope in the coming years CDPROJECT RED will wake up and see that they have the fundamentals of huge world that they wasted his potential. And release big expansion with:
- at least 2 other corporation story quest ( each one 50 HRS long )
- more secondary quests
- more gameplay mechanics (let us play like enemy boss)
- buy new appartements or get it with subquest (for example you could have told the Peralez they have ghosts in they appartement and they give it to you during their quest)
- custom car
- animation and life: dring, eat, discuss, play mini games, pachinko, more...
- more skills and less stupid bulletime
- you can shoot anyone you want and cancel any quest you want
- you can destroy more environnements
- more weapons not just "huh this weapon has better damage and this one has better fire rate, ok we have every weapons in the game"
- craft does not require old unique weapon
- you can select every item in your inventory you wanna sell/move before confirm operation
- night/day difference in the city
- different food dispenser
- more verticality and stuff to do on the roof of the city
- better interaction with pnj, explore the city and meet people and take them to your appartement ?
- more Braindance not just in quest
- let us read vinyles
- better reflections
- fix the most important bugs
- more

This would have been the game I thought I would buy when CDPROJECT RED told me they will do good this with my money if I put my trust in them. I don't care the price or the wait, I would pay any price for a dream game and I thought CDPROJECT RED knew that how a game will be remembered is more important than how quickly it could sell.
I seen this posted elsewhere and I think they may be right:

Alex Smith to DovahFett • 15 minutes ago
Looks to me like they underestimated what it would take to smush the game onto last-gen consoles, and in their rush to make it happen for the Holiday Season (don't wanna miss that beautiful Xmas $$$) they were forced to amputate the systems that couldn't be completed in time, and tie-off a tourniquet; resulting in some of the systems we see now.
I would speculate the reasons behind their recent (official forum) puzzling claims that lack of in-game nudity is a feature (though nudity was advertised & genital-choice exists), are because if they were to side with the suggestion of it being an omission (popular forum consensus), they would be admitting that they crippled the promised game for a profit.
Perhaps it is the same reason they are only really vocally addressing the issues with last-gen consoles, and avoiding the fact that the game is missing so many features on the PC as well.
After more than 20 hours playing on a decent PC I'm totally engaged by the storytelling and much of the world-building but frequent quest glitches and graphical bugs (often requiring a restart to fix) have undermined my sense of immersion to the point where I don't trust the game to deliver a coherent experience. Sadly, for that reason, I'm now going to uninstall and come back when it's actually ready. I won't be asking for a refund as I trust CDPR to sort things out but I'm slightly annoyed with myself for giving them the benefit of the doubt and pre-ordering. It won't happen again. See you April 2021?
After more than 20 hours playing on a decent PC I'm totally engaged by the storytelling and much of the world-building but frequent quest glitches and graphical bugs (often requiring a restart to fix) have undermined my sense of immersion to the point where I don't trust the game to deliver a coherent experience. Sadly, for that reason, I'm now going to uninstall and come back when it's actually ready. I won't be asking for a refund as I trust CDPR to sort things out but I'm slightly annoyed with myself for giving them the benefit of the doubt and pre-ordering. It won't happen again. See you April 2021?

I'd recommend trying to get a refund - steam seem pretty generous with Cyberpunk because it's been such a well documented poor release. Game should be better in 6 months time and you won't have to pay full price.
Thanks for the suggestion but I still have faith in both the game and (more importantly) CDPR's commitment to complete the job. I really appreciated their revisions of all The Witcher editions and have no reason to doubt their intentions for CP77. That's not to understate my sense of disappointment, though. They knew full-well what was in store when they released this game in its current state and thoroughly deserve all the ensuing criticism. There are many who will take a cynical view but I honestly believe that the devs are cringing at their loss of kudos. Prior to this they had achieved a rare status but now they're exposed as all too human.
I'm really enjoying the game and love the potential for future content. Running on a amd 3200g and gtx 1060 3gb. Sure its on 1080 medium but it looks pretty nice and runs well for my potato. Haven't encountered many bugs yet so hoping that continues. I see a lot of potential in the game if they can keep improving and adding new content. Definately going to keep my hopes up that things get fixed and improved upon.
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