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Cyberpunk 2077 - Your Ideas For A Dream RPG

Well one thing that comes to my mind is "Choices Matters", I really liked how you would find yourself in a different location in ACT2 of TW2 depending on your choices.
It doesn't have to be many choices, but it should have some huge consequences like "Oh damn, what would have been if I .... this instead"

for the tech side of the game.

I'd really love to see some more and fluid animations (in games general), especially in conversation where the body language is reasonable and natural.
(like minding your surroundings if sth. happens near you, having straight eye contact instead of looking here and there and so on.)

and well some other stuff to configure, like FoV which is really needed in some games.
this might come of a bit as a random idea, but every open world game needs some a home bases for the player to reside in, to stash his weapons, save the game etc. adam jensen had his luxury apartment in deus ex, in skyrim there are many houses you can buy, gta had it's properties for example

so for cp77 i would like to see some home bases but they must fit into the overall cyberpunk setting.. so how about you start in a tiny capsule hotel (like in neuromancer) or other rundown sh*thole and upgrade your home to a nice corporate appartment later in the game? i would really love to see that

you could watch some holographic tv at home
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Romances are always fun, either they be one night stand like the ones you find in the witcher or serious relationships.

If there are going to be any serious relationships in the game, it would be fun if your enemies took your girl/boyfriend as hostage and you have to save them (would have to happen rarely, we don't want any of that "WANT TO GO BOWLING COUSIN?!" like in GTAIV)
Commitment to choice in playstyle.

If you are going to let people play as Netrunners or Medias or Solos or Corporates, I really recommend you have some way to accomplish at least the main quest objectives with what the classes specialize in.

I.e. no DE:HR boss fights requiring combat.

If you REALLY want to shoot for all the marbles, check out how Planescape Torment did conversation-based quest solving or bypassing, AS WELL AS have a fun and interesting combat system AS WELL as a well-done stealth system AS WELL as ways to seduce/charm,hack and tech-improvise your way past obstacles.

Then throw in sidequests that feature each of those ways differently. Some sidequests you can do as a Solo, other you cannot, you need to be a Nomad.

Years later, people talk about how Deus Ex and PST did gameplay choice and they are right to do so.

Choice. It's worth an extra year of development to make that classic.
Don't let a certain company beginning with E and ending with A buy you. Too many great visionaries have fallen that way. If you run low on cash (for whatever reason; drug-induced field trips in down town L.A, hiring Harrison Ford as inspirational prop to your office, and what have you) start up a Kickstarter or something and we, the fans, will surely help you. But I'm positive this won't be an issue after the success of TW2.

I won't really go into actual game content here, because you guys are the best at determining what that would be.

As for things to consider in general:

  • Motivate all use of sexual innuendo and imagery maturely, like it's framed by a narrative context in Witcher 2. We don't want the effects-lobbyists after us.
  • Make the best friggin' soundtrack you possibly can. Like cinema theorists argue, the sound is 70% of the film. The same can be said for games.
  • Allow the world to breathe. You can use cheap devices like in-game mini-games and side-quests to achieve this, and I encourage you to do so.
  • Make it dark. Dark, dark, dark, daaaark. Dark! Many games these days suffer from a 'casualisation' in terms of art style and presentation. Diablo 3 without Light Radius is a good example. Don't be afraid of toning down the light-sources where appropriate.
  • Regular updates on your progress - mhm. I'm sure it's a tricky balance of deciding how much to share with players and what to hold on to, especially this early in development. But nothing drives a devoted fan crazy like his favourite developer shutting up for half a year. Make sure you continue having a dialogue with us in which you share information at a regular pace.

Lastly, thanks a lot for making this game (and the Witcher-games). It feels really, really good to know that there are still a few developers out there who care about making great games first and foremost, and put conventions, technical limitations (consoles, anyone?), in the bin.
This trailer looks awesome and if you want a view from someone who loves pvp:

MMO with anywhere-enabled PvP please. I'd like to be able to shoot, hack and with guild inclusion, have the ability to mark specific players for kills to help make open world pvp even better with guild/gang-wars. I'd also like the ability that guilds can be an even larger faction than the game-creator's premade in-game factions. Tagging/billing walls options. In place of leveling, just normal knowledge and armor / weapon upgrades would be awesome and it'd make a modern game if those armors and weapons would be dropped on a players PVP death so it's open for the taking by those nearby. This way everyone has the chance to upgrade on a kill while also giving players another chance to super upgrade themselves playing only against other players.

Depending on which side you choose to be on, make it either Deus Ex Corporate shiny and smooth or Dark, Gritty and Dreadful.

Full implant and software system. Cyber Psychosis is a must have for the metalheadz and should impact gameplay. Customizable weapons and weapon enhancing implants. Vehicles, Vehicle implants and skills. The focus should be on customizability. As an extreme example, if i want a dildo replacing my hand to beat people to a pulp, then let me have it.

I have no doubt that this is in good hands seeing how you handled the Witcher games! Keep up the great work.
- 3rd person perspective.
- Cover system.
- Plenty of optional side quests and other activities.
- Go wild creating "Afterlife?" Club. Perhaps two different clubs in the city with a bit different kind of music or types of people inside? high class and low class? techno/dubstep and metal/rock?
- Great hand to hand combat if possible (sleeping dogs counter system)
- Closed Beta for loyal supporters!
- Highly customizable character creator.
- Female role. (just like in ME series)
- Create many vehicle types! ..tuning?
- Some sort of NPC clothing and face generating script, so we rarely see same people on the street.
- Awesome Radio/music selection.
- Humor. (dark humor)
- Your own apartment, option to buy new properties perhaps?
- Awesome graphics!
- Smart enemy AI.
- Random AI behavior. Accidents on the roads, people fighting in the alley etc.

Thanks :cool:
I think the game need wires, low tech, chinese cheap cyberware, european top notch quality, and also malfunctions and bad transplantation.
If you buy cheap implants, you have cheap results !
If you have a creepy Doc in a creepy backalley put it on in a creepy room, then your body might actually not accept it as well as if it was implanted in a scandinavian high tech clinic.
Also, underground economics, to play as a Fixer, would be a very good thing.
-keep it subtle, no prototype kind of action
-Don't make a copy of Bladerunner and diversify the environment, maybe even a hidden forrest
- Aliens, but not superior more like district 9/ native americans( maybe as a sidenote let the player know that the aliens escaped the destruction of their planet and that earth is the last habitable planet they have found)
- colonies on the moon and Mars
- galactic highway
- multiple storylines ( maybe like heavy rain where they intertwine)
- storybased, where the type of character you pick determines the startingpoint of you story( like dragonage origins)
- have npc's react based on your alteration ( they might not talk to you if you get to excessive with upgrading)
- also put a system in place to make you feel/ realise that you are trading in your humanity when you upgrade yourself( through changing dialogue options).
- hookers with 3 Boobs
- humor ( albeit dark humor)
- your own upgradeable ( flying )car
- toxic rain ( you have to run for shelter when it starts) and other types of extreme weather
Seriousness and mini games (like lock picking, or hacking) are important to me as a gamer in a MMO or in a RPG. Humor is also important, but in key parts of the story line, I like it to be serious.

I am not entirely sure if this will be a MMO or a single player RPG, however, I enjoy multiplayer options. Even if this means it is a 4 player co-op or something like that. I feel a multiplayer experience give more to players, and the ability to discuss it, and a game that is never the same.

I hope this helps!! I will post more ideas when i get them! :)
This is such an abstract thing to say, because what constitutes "good?" But I really want good melee combat. I want to be able to punch, kick, counter, headbutt, throw people through walls.. I'm sure there'll be guns and blades, and all of that stuff will look cool, but I want to still have a chance when I get up close to someone. My one complaint about Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which I'm aware was Eidos, not you guys) was that melee combat was basically a QTE when you got close to the person. I want full control in these situations.

I'd also like brain hacking. I have to admit I've never played the Cyberpunk pen and paper game, so if it isn't a part of the world, I'd understand it not being included. But I'd like to hack someone's brain like in Ghost in the Shell and play as a different character. Maybe it'll help you get through security, maybe it'll give you abilities you don't have because the other person is a different class, whatever. There are many gameplay possibilities.
Honestly, if this game is anything like The Witcher (deep gameplay, outstanding presentation, choices that influence the story, etc.), then you guys are already in great shape. If I may make a recommendation, though, it would be to ensure that there is plenty of exploration. If there's one thing I absolutely hated about the Mass Effect series, it's that it gave an illusion that there was this living, breathing universe that you were playing in, but when it came down to the actual gameplay you were simply running down corridors filled with chest-high walls.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution did this rather well - a considerable amount of exploration in an open, intriguing environment while not falling into the Skyrim-trap of having a laughable 2 hour storyline.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what you guys do.
This is such an abstract thing to say, because what constitutes "good?" But I really want good melee combat. I want to be able to punch, kick, counter, headbutt, throw people through walls.. "

I'd also like brain hacking. I have to admit I've never played the Cyberpunk pen and paper game, so if it isn't a part of the world, I'd understand it not being included. .
See, I liked DEHR melee, but I'm totally on-side with your suggestion. My idea of "good" melee was the options in Gothic 1 and 2, specifically that you could dodge and parry enemy attacks and run sequence blows in return. Fighting Orks, especially at first, required a lot of focus. One or two hits and it's over. I'd like to see that as a benchmark for difficult - get hit hard and you're done. Witcher and Witcher 2 were second only to Gothic for this.

You -can- brainhack! Sort-of. The expansion for netrunning included the ability to hack mincro-nets - namely, cyberware! So, if you are really good and have the talent and skills, you can hack enemy cyberware! Good times!

-skill-based, fun melee

-micronet (cyber) hacking