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Dagon Blood Moon

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Dagon Blood Moon

I've expressed my love of the Blood Moon archetype, and I believe a deck very similar to this one has been posted here elsewhere, but I thought making it its own topic might be worthwhile. This deck is performing quite well between 3.7 and 4k

Deck: Blood Moon Rising

Leader: Dagon

Golds: Caranthir/Succubus/Villentretenmerth, Ge'els, Geralt: Aard, Woodland Spirit

Silvers: Frightener, Jotunn, Nekurat, Decoy, Black Blood, Nivellen

Bronze: Drowner x 3, Werecat x 3, Foglet x 2, Siren x 3, Slyzard x 2, Moonlight x 3

The rotational gold is just experimentation. The issue this deck used to run into was running out of weather. Accordingly, this deck is based around the idea of DROWNING THE OPPONENT IN WEATHER. This allows you to draw out weather hate very fast and still stick Blood Moon/Moonlight. In addition, if you happen to fill your hand with non-moonlight weather and there's no hate, you can toss down moonlight on your side of the board instead of theirs. In other words, Caranthir's just there to apply extra moonlight pressure, but I'm considering Villentretenmerth, since the deck really doesn't have any big bodies so it's very hard for Villen to backfire. Aard and Spirit are pretty self-explanatory, as is Ge'els.

Jotunn and Nekurat are the big important silvers, Jotunn plus decoy is extremely nasty. Nivellen's another experiment, as I've noticed that when I run the deck I often end up with enemies lined up under blood moon, with usually a second row of blood moon as well, so Nivellen can retrigger blood moons and get people slammed into non-moon weather, as well as - if there's only one blood moon down for whatever reason - 'reloading' it if there are drowners and/or jotunn still to come. Also a solution for players who decide to just deploy into the blood moon because they know you want to use drowners etc. to maximise its value.

Werecats are the usual finisher, and an equally valid decoy target if the Jotunn isn't about. The extra slyzard is questionable, but I keep finding that I only draw into one werecat, so an extra slyzard seems like an extra chance to reach for them and/or sirens if I get unlucky on that front.

The deck's fairly reliable and actually quite powerful over long rounds. As modern decks go it's not as vulnerable to Dorfs (especially Ithlinne) as many, since it provides almost no targets for Schirru, and using Blood Moon it comes out on top of spy duels since it deploys Frightener into it and drags something else along, too (meaning a summoning circled Frightener gives you 13 while they get 9, or 11 if you have to settle for going into fog). It's got a surprisingly good game against alchemy, because it makes it difficult for them to set up the three rows needed for mahakam ale.
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I’m glad to hear someone is having a good time with this deck. I have tried to make this blood moon archetype competitively viable as I can, but there just isn’t enough synergies. Jotunn works better in blood moon than in frost, which is what that card is meant to synergise. I just find it, in my experience, really inconsistent. Great to have a mess around with in casual, but I have struggled to hit rank 18 with this deck.

I truly think this this could be a great archetype for the future, but more cards need to be added to make this a competitively viable option. I chose to try this deck because I crave new ways to play instead of spamming bears, or dwarves etc...which is incredibly tedious after a dozen games in a row just vomiting, so to speak, points everywhere without having to think really, or possess any skill.

All just my opinion obviously. Hopefully blood moon will see some action soon ✌
Bridge trolls is what i use and i don;t usually comit over 2 weathers in a turn and drawn my oponents in weather on the last turn. And i am not shure that black blood is all that good i like the 3 crones and i really like ozzrel toad frightener combos they are just sick evil value cards that outshine the crones a lot but still :D they are the crones the best designed vilians in the witcher history.
Keep in mind boys, moonlight works on beasts AND vampires at the same time. Monsters as a faction lack draw/ressurect but with this list you can "spam" moonlight in in both offence and defence at the same time. Open up with Werewolf and boon, than go with hazards from vaedermakar and woodland spirit in case opponent runs clear skies. After that you can easily utilize blood moon. Its quite hard to get that value of lamia but its good in some cases, you can ewentually swap it for ekimmara.

I want to know, why in the world did they remove Blood Moon? Where are the night creatures that were in the beta? This games monster deck options are too random and so confused. It is difficult to play a theme deck without having to add in cards I really don't want.
This thread was about the situation before Homecoming and is outdated now. Closing thread.
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