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Dare to Dream: A Control Deck that packs a punch

Leader: Usurper

Dragon's Dream
Letho Kingslayer
Vesemir Mentor
Ivo of Bekhaven
Esket Pathfinder
Viper Witcher x1
Dimeritium Shackles x2
Mahakam Ale x2
Vicovaro Novice x1
Alba Armored Infantrt x2
Nauzicaa Sergeant x2
Magna Division x2
Slave Driver x2

Super versatile and fun deck!

Either get out Magna Division on the backrow and play lock+damage everything

Or do the same with Esket Pathfinder (or a combination of both)

Or Summon Ivo of Belhaven and use Witcher summons to burn

And use Letho Kingslayer to do double Ivo or double Eskel plays or copy an enemy unit who has a nice continuous effect!

Best part is, if you deck thin with the Witcher 3 early your chances of drawing or mulliganing into the Dragon's Dream+Nivellen combo for a finisher in round 3 increases...which almost auto win but if you're on round 3 with no Dragon's and a Nivellen with 1 mulligan left, mulligan away the Nivellen.

Have fun making people rage online guys and gals!
I prefer to play sabotage with Usurper. I don't have Serrit and Auckles, but I really like them. I could adapt my sabotage deck to include them if some changes I already made is not working out as I want.

Your deck is basically a witcher deck. That's a bit different. I'm building a witcher deck as well, but I doubt I will use Usurper as the leader of that.