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Deadly dialogs and fails in TW3?

Deadly dialogs and fails in TW3?

Since TW1 and TW2 had their death scenes, I guess, that we also will see them in The Witcher 3. How do you feel about it, and how in your opinion CDPR should implement them?

It is great, when game makes your brain work, making you think, how to answer on some questions without getting any trouble. But does death or "Game Over" screen is a right punishment for choosing not the right answer?

Geralt death reel.

The Witcher 1 - Azar Javed



Deadly mini-games.


Kayran, Nilfgaardian and Marietta Loredo.

Holy shit, I've never seen two of those failed dragon QTEs. Geralt gets seriously fucked up, lol.

OT: I'm fine with getting killed for saying the wrong thing, thought it was an interesting mechanic in TW2. Can't imagine playing on insane and then making the mistake of talking back to Iorveth.
My first playthrough I didn't hit any of them. On my second I decided to see if Iorveth's archers meant to follow through with their bows. Of course they did. And happily surprised I was.

I think it's a great mechanic for narrative focused choice/consequence game. Nor did they go overboard with it either. So I hope it finds it's way into W3.
Just curious. How that one with Hazar Javed happened?

BTW I hated most of these deaths in TW2. These with dialogs are ok but the ones with sneaking and failed qtes sucked.
Oh hell yes, this makes dialogue an even more dynamic form of gameplay, we must think before we speak in the Witcher series, an there is no reason for TW3 to be different, in you ask me they should add as much as possible :thumbsup:
OT: I'm fine with getting killed for saying the wrong thing, thought it was an interesting mechanic in TW2. Can't imagine playing on insane and then making the mistake of talking back to Iorveth.
I sort of did on my first Insane run. I chose that dialogue option, and I realized what was gonna happen. I then reloaded to the previous save, and got killed by the Arachas. :( So that dialogue option indirectly killed me.
I...must be honest and admit that I haven't seen most of these. Getting burned by the dragon, riddled with arrows by Scoia'tael or a deadly bolt by Ves, yes, but I had no idea that there were so many of these. I guess conversation fails should have consequences, they should, but Cool that the devs did it, but in Witcher 3 I would rather see other consequences of behaving like an idiot. Say, maybe a harder fight from saying stupid things and being over the top snarky, spiteful or intimidating. And obviously the opposite, using your wits or success in getting people off balance grants some form of bonus. Losing a fight however, well it goes without saying, and I have no problems with failure and death movies. :happy:

I loved how the conduction of an autopsy and being extra thorough and curious in an investigation really had an impact in Witcher 1. So I'm in favour of consequences, but not instant death.
And this is the reason why Sean Bean should play as Geralt in a witcher movie.


Anyway I'd like to have those death scenes in The Witcher 3, sometimes you get in trouble...with no way out. I liked it because there were very few scenes and hard to unlock.
I got only the one with Iorveth... you can answer back to him but... not too much, he has archers in every single spot.
Then I got the one with Azar Javed... after I talked with Raymond, I saved and loaded the game to see the other answers it is, death scene. It was quite nice, I have to say.
The one with Loredo's mother...same: I wanted to know what would have happened if I had not won the QTE and...well... I didn't see that coming. My reaction at that scene:

So yes, it's fine for me to have them in The Witcher 3, but few and good scenes, nothing exaggerated or inconsistent.
You know I actually had upgraded and had the ability to parry arrows, so I said to myself "FUCK YOU IORVETH, I'm gonna parry your arrows and then I'm gonna kick you and your unit's ass witcher style" but lo and behold the bastards nailed me with arrows. LOL I wish the skill point spent on the parry arrows would have affected how this particular encounter would go. Then I wished instead of Zoltan, Triss was there with me to turn the arrows into flowers fro me.
So next time with a broken pride, I just let Iorveth shit all over Geralt.
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Yeah, I would like to have these cutscenes in TW3.In most of games, you can act like an idiot - even when you're talking to someone very important - and you survive (because you are the Hero. Even if you look like Sean Bean, you can't die. Unacceptable.)
5:15 Need to find a body of real Raymond in crypt. And after autopsy go directly to Raymond and not Kalkstein.

Нифига себе, и такое возможно?
А мне казалось, что я знаю первую игру вдоль и поперек...)
Спасибо за инфу, попробую в следующем прохождении.

The 3 death - in Flotsam - when it happened? I didn't have that one.
The 3 death - in Flotsam - when it happened? I didn't have that one.
You should walk with sword in hands for a while. Or kill guards. Sometimes I had a dialog with guard, where he ask you to stop it, if you refuse - they kill Geralt.

First post miss some other scenes such as:
Dragon shakes off Geralt from back, scene with Loredo as Dragonbird mentioned, and kaedweni camp, where Roche and Geralt were caught while escaping. Sneaking fail in Kaedweni camp looks similar to flotsam situation with guards if I remember correctly.

Насчёт первого Ведьмака, так это вообще очень классно, что они добавили столько разных мелочей в игру. Жаль только, что нельзя выжить в этом бою с Азаром. Могли бы сделать дальнейшую встречу с ним на болотах, а не просто убивать Геральта.
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