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Decatonkeil's cyberpunk art

Hi there, I wanted to show you some of the pictures that I've been drawing that have a cyberpunk thematic or similar. Bear in mind that I'm a slow, non-professional artist that only draws for pleasure and has no formal training whatsoever. These pictures are all from my Deviantart, in case you want to follow or befriend me there. I hope you like them.

Here's my newer stuff, which really is from the early 2017, though I hadn't uploaded it yet.

These here are older pictures dating back to 2010, when I was asked to draw them by the developer of a Shadowrun inspired browser game called Abandon Tomorrow.

These are my oldest pics ever in the platform (back in 2008 apparently, though I'd have sworn they were older), based on Neuromancer and inspired by Appleseed respectively.

These are some newer drawings that I did. They're not cyberpunk exactly but postapocalyptic. They're the player characters of my group of players of Mutant: Year Zero, a game I master. From top to bottom, Lexa, a dog handler with extreme reflexes; Artyom, a stalker with insect wings and M. Ford, a reptilian mechanic. I gave a surprise to my players yesterday with these pictures and I have smaller portrait versions of them to put in bottlecaps that I've asked them to bring to use as tokens.