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Deck builder filtering enhancement

Deck builder filtering enhancement

Deck builder needs some improvements for those who are onto collecting cards:
1. Filter to ignore premium-ness of a card (only show greyed out if I have none or colored if I have one or more, but on the same stack instead of two neighbouring stacks). During deckbuilding it saves some scrolling and gives better sense of how many usable cards you have.
2. Give the numbers back. And add more numbers, percents and such.
3. Fix filter refreshing: if I set the filters only to show owned cards, then use upgrade option on a single silver, the collection is not refreshed. I do not get to see the premium version, and the non-premium one is greyed out (which is wrong, as the filter to only show owned is not working). Related: when upgrading a card to premium, the whole screen preview should also change to premium.
Also, leader selection step in deckbuilder should either have premium/non-premium filter or at least have available options sorted in even number of columns!