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Decreasing wind influence for Geralt (hair)

Is it possible to selectively reduce wind influence for certain characters or objects?

I need less wind influence for Geralt's hair, but I want to keep the wind for the rest of the world. There are mods out there that decrease wind, but it's of course for the whole world, meaning trees, vegetation, cloth etc. will move less in the wind. That is not what I seek. I want to reduce wind influence for Geralt's hair, if that is possible.

I ask because of my Hair Physics mod, which looks good indoors but gets thrown off a bit outdoors. Installing the wind mod I talked about fixed it, so the culprit is wind influence.

Maybe it's also possible to decrease wind influence for the whole world, but at the same time increase the vegetation's and tree's sensitivity towards wind? That would be a backwards solution, but maybe it's possible.
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I know HairWorks, particles, and several other aspects of the game have adjustable wind influence parameters. CSV files adjust it for global areas, ENV files can adjust it for more specific areas. That's about it... There is wind-related script file, and I made a post about it, but nobody bothered to look into it.
Thanks Monarch, appreciate it.

I'll look further into it. Maybe there is such a thing as wind sensitivity for trees and cloth/dangling stuff in the environment.

I ask because of my HairPhysics Mod, which decreases the mass of the non-HW hair so it bounces more. However the wind influence throws it off outside. Installing a mod which decreases wind pretty much fixes the issue, but then the world seems quite static and lifeless. So maybe increasing wind sensitivity is a thing. For trees, vegetation and stuff that moves in the wind.
I found from \gameplay\items\def_item_hairs.xml that "Long Loose Hairstyle" Uses equiptemplate: c_03b_mg__witcher

Open WolvenKit and search that you'll find that it's in items\bodyparts\geralt_items\coif\c_03b_mg__witcher.w2ent

In it there's CAnimDangleConstraint_Dyng #4 and it has attribute wind 1,45 (edit flatCompiledData) as well

Maybe that's it I dunno :D