Dino Dinovic not selling me cars.

Platform: Playstation 5

I completed all his gigs, but he didn't offer me any cars to purchase.
Is there a way to unlock the messages with car offers?

I'm missing:

  1. Columbus V340-F Freight – €$19,000 – City Center
  2. Emperor 620 Ragnar – €$32,000 – City Center (at Street Cred 12)
  3. Quadra Type-66 Avenger – €$55,000 – City Center (at Street Cred 20)
  4. Outlaw GTS – €$62,000 – City Center, visit Corpo Plaza (at Street Cred 30)
  5. Rayfield Caliburn – €$157,000 – City Center, visit Downtown (at Street Cred 40)

I'm at the end of the game. Completed all the main missions, but the last one. Completed all the side missions, completed all the gigs for all the fixers.
My level is 50 and street cred is 50.
I completed npcd scanners situations in City Centre where Dino is located.
Is there a way to unlock the messages with car offers?
Unfortunately I don't think so :(
Normally, it simply require to complete at least one GIG for the fixer, reach the street cred requirement and visit the neighborhood (entering in the neighborhood often trigger the message if you meet the requirements).
So if you did, try to clear the cache in case.
And if it doesn't work, send a ticket to the support for help ("Contact Us" button).
  1. I exhausted all messages and calls from other characters.
  2. I did some npcd situations in other regions
  3. Came back to City Center (Dino's region) in a car bought from another fixer.
Now it's fixed.
I'm having the same problem but with all fixers, I'm lvl 22 sc 34. I should have at least gotten the message from Wakako for the Kusanagi bike which you get fairly early usually, but nothing so far. I've done a few gigs in Japantown, Wakako's territory, and still nothing. Same with all the other fixers. I know there was a fix that makes it that fixers calls you less often, but of course leave it to CDPR to fix something that didn't need to be fixed to begin with and then break the whole thing :rolleyes:
I don’t have that problem. Only onetime & I unplugged & replugged My SX and haven’t had that issue or other issues. Try that. I mean it won’t hurt your hardware. But that was my fix.
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