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Discard SK is sickenly strong now

Esmer;n9715911 said:
Yep, the deck is strong, but other factions have tools to counter it. You just have to think a bit instead of playing netdeck Spelltael, Yennifer + Woodland Spirit + Dagon + Harpies, or spam Henselt.

NG: Assire, Emhyr + Auckes, Emhyr + mill deck, Xarthisius, The Guardian
M: Katakan, Caretaker, Succubus (if you play it right)
NR: Radovid, Margarita
ST: Morenn (against Sigrdrifa and priestesses), Ithlinne into double lock, Ciaran, Aglais (to steal Restore)

There are also good neutral cards: Artefact compression, Regis, Avallach, Cleaver, and Necromancy (right, nobody uses it, but it's +10 points and banish Dorregaray).

Gwent is all about surprising your opponent and countering his strategy. Of course you won't win if you don't even try to do that.
The deck we are talking have Morkvag+Ogeild+Cerys+Ekimmara x2 to begin with as carryover. If that's the stuff we are countering we need 5 locks to negate the carryover or same amount of carryover, otherwise it means losing CA (and tempo), only NG or monster can possibly (not always) do such thing.

About the effectiveness of counter, the revive mechanic actually made graveyard hate useless since once a card is removed it's most likely to be immediately revived, so there is in fact no chance to deploy graveyard hate during the round. In void sure you can argue graveyard hate is good against skellige but in reality we see little effect in terms of winrate and gameplay. If graveyard hate is half useful like skellige player claims we won't see this stale meta in the first place.

The locks on the other hand are really low tempo, and are not enough in number for most faction. If a deck is altered to the extent that it can effectively disrupt SK package, I seriously doubt it can win any other deck.(Think back a while ago, all it takes to counter NR armor is hailstorm)

Gwent sure is about strategy and counter strategy, but when the counter isn't enough or not available at all we know there's problem.
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