Dismemberment on crowd civilian citizens

I'm developing a mod trying to increase realism on crowd npcs, so I have been tweaking files trying to allow dismemberment on crowd civilian citizens spawned in the world but it seems there's something blocking dismemberment from "system spawned" npcs.
These are the mods I made so far:
  1. CET Lua script getting all Characters presets and turning IsCrowd to false
  2. Modifying citizen__rich_wa.app (for example) adding Wounds, DismWoundConfig and DismEffect arrays from a gang .app file.
With these two tweaks, I am able to dismember desired NPC... but... only when I manually spawn it using CET console and
. Normal system spawn around the city still does't allow dismemberment with these two tweaks, so I am wondering if there is some capped values that the game doesn't allow to be modified, of if someone finds something I am missing...

Any help would be awesome!

Thank you!
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