Ditch your car

When I hold F to exit my car at high speed, my car should obviously continue hurtling forward into my enemies and explode into a massive fireball.

Thank you
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Furthermore, maybe you should have to buy a new car or get some work done on it, if it literally explodes? Could be a good money sink.
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Actually there are a lot of improvements I'd like to see with traffic. More varied AI behaviors. They just stop in the middle of the road if you block them. They may or may not hit you, but then they just stop. I want to see drive offs, people trying to go around you, people getting out and getting pissed off, cursing you, attacking you, following you, pulling guns on you on the highway. Why don't I encounter gangoons on the road, in vechicles, up to no good? Maybe I just haven't yet, but I think that would be fun. The early car chase/gun fight and Max Tac showing up when you are driving with Jackie... man that was so cool... and nothing like that really ever happens again...
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