DLC: What do you prefer? The poll. ! ENDING SPOILERS !


What kind of story do you hope to see in DLC?

  • Continuation of V's story. Hope he/she survives (finds a cure/way out of cyberspace)

  • Prequel to V's story. Events before meeting Johnny

  • Prequel to Johnny's story. Events before meeting V

  • Additional story within the main game, after meeting Johnny and before infiltrating Mikoshi

  • A story not related to V or Johnny. Quest about a new hero or some of V's friends

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for the ending where you stay in your body, i want the post game dlc to start in a ripper doc, the protagonist and their romantic interest explain the whole three month to live bit (i should note i know it's 6, figured at least some time would have passed), and the ripper doc is laughing their a** off, saying they've been had. stating that an engram isn't biological at all, it's just digital information, and doesn't even have a physical component, so there's nothing for the body's rewritten dna to conflict with.
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Imagine if there were 3 minor DLC packs. One where they give us more of Vs prequel with Jackie before the heist. This will make the relationship more substantial. Here they focus on world building with the inclusion of barbers and interactive vendors. Also activities... Like bowling with Jackie ?

Then a life path DLC which expands on them with special quests, clothes, vehicles, romances, maybe even giving them separate endings. Insert vehicle customisation options with nomad mod shops or favela like auto shops.

Then the third and final is a corporations/gangs dlc where they expand more on the lore and make call backs to the og ttrpg. We could play as johnny during the corpo wars and get to meet him from that perspective. Or as rogue shortly after Johnny's untimely, where she lives out the formation of these gangs. Here they can introduce new mechanics and weapons, like a grapple hook/ wall running/ cool weapon reloads that can be learnt/ some ninja shit like parlour and back flips like Oda.

So eventually we could play one massive cyberpunk'd experience. The continuations can/should be a sequel rather
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Without changing Vs fate, i don't see me playing anything mid-game or prequel related. Makes no sense and would only add more stuff contradicting to the story. Remember, we are in hurry to find a cure, which we aren't allowed to find anyways...
Any DLC that take place after the MQ (so Act 4 and beyond) fix the plot cancer (aka DNA MacGuffin “you gonna die in 6mo) and will have story with actual choices like TW3.
Also will get far more customization (cyberware and cloths) than was in the main game

Mid game DLC? Complete pass, I won’t even read their description.

Wild imagination stuff that I would gladly have?
- Original LI that we can take on missions as a partners like we could with Jacki.
- Having properly done lifepaths here in line with choices that we made in Act 3. This don’t have to be any fancy can be 1-2 missions and MQ that we can act like we are on those paths

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- Original LI that we can take on missions as a partners like we could with Jacki.

Even not an LI - but just, buddies.

Outside of the main quests - the game can feel awfully lonely. Since so many of the gigs (while I enjoy them) are given to you by phone, and for the most part you won't speak to anyone else during them.

Having a 'buddy' in each region for each fixer that you go on most of the fixer jobs or better yet, your crew, would have gone so far to taking away that hollow lifeless feeling away from the main quests.
that we can act like we are on those paths
Yes. Ancient Vampire: The Masquerade has a completely different lines for each vampire clan player can choose, both in meaning and in style, even fonts differs!
I think, that Corpo, Nomad and Streetkid should have different manners of speech, colloquialisms, different reactions for the same situations, etc. Because now, aside from 3,5 marked lines, not changing almost anything, Corpo, Nomad and Streetkid are identical.
In this poll there is only one option for me - continuation, there is no other way. Everything else is meaningless in relation to the main story and does not particularly interest me. Even if you want to see new characters or details about the universe, then this can also be shown in post-game DLCs, where you will perceive the whole picture from V's perspective
Well the Developer Leak was a fake. There's no Max-Tac or two cut questlines.
Developer leak was fake because it was one more time showing some wild dead lines, messing with their plans (like big patches in Jan and Feb), and saying prolly some stupid things that people would take for granted (like subway system that was second city)

On the other hand you have the opportunity to join MaxTac you just need to turn It down - this was prolly later salvage and become a Regina quest with hunting Cyberpsycho). Also teaser was about MaxTac and the girl from the trailer is a character in this game(she’s giving you option to join MT)

Sorry for off
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