Do you think it's really free?

My issue with the game is the lack of stuff to do. The "open world" is dead and lifeless. There's no minigames, no distractions, no customization, no AI, nothing to make the world interesting. Sure, it's pretty, but it's like looking at a postcard. You can look, but there's nothing to touch.

There's a billion of the exact same mission, the "go here, kill/stealth enemies, take/hack item". Which are mindnumbing and boring. Not to mention pathetically easily. And sadly most of the story missions are the same, they might have some more dialogue and stuff to them, but they're generally just the same stuff over and over.
Once in a while you might get a companion for the mission. And there is the odd one that's a little more interesting and dialogue based. And some of the missions that COULD be interesting, are ruined by the stupid quest markers pointing to everything that's needed. Like the Peralez mission, that could have been cool with investigations and such, but you're just dragged by the nose from one "clue" to the next, so there's absolutely no value to it.

I mean look at something like LA Noir. In that game, it's up to the player to look around and examine clues and figure out what's important and what's not. And that's EPIC!!! The missions in that game are insanely fun, because there's depth to them. The player gets to DO SOMETHING, not just follow the glowing breadcrumbs. And then you get to interrogate people with actual questions. Cyberpunk's conversation options are practically non-existent most of the time. I mean it's sad that we've gone from games like Baldur's Gate or Torment where you have a dozen conversation options, to the "console interface" of having 4 choices set to 4 buttons, to Cyberpunk, where we're lucky if we get more than two options on what to say.

But back to the "open world"... it needs stuff to do. For one, restaurants and bars need to be places you can sit down and eat/drink and converse with the bartender/waiter, and maybe random NPC's. There needs to be side activities to do, like gambling, racing, various other minigames. Vendors need to be EVERYWHERE. All those random stall with "vendors" at them should actually be vendors. You should have items sold in various places, with different areas having their own specialties.
The AI needs to actually WORK. NPC's should react, like in a game like GTA or Sleeping Dogs or such. Cars should be able to drive and avoid things and people should get out of their cars to react to things. COPS especially need to be massively reworked so they actually patrol and react. Not just spawn on top of you, which is pathetic.

The factions should have had a MASSIVE influence on the game. Working with factions should have affected their influence in areas. So the more you help them out, the more you see their presence on the street, and you'd see clashes between the gangs. And you'd get more missions from each as their power grows.

This game is pathetically bare bones. It's like they built an engine, they spent all the rest of the time and money on hiring Keanu and paying for all the easter eggs they put in.
It seems that quite a few people don't think much about the genre of open world.
CDPR advertised with enormous emphasis on the degree of freedom of cyberpunk. I found out after playing the game that the scenes in the commercials are scenes I can only see once in the story.
At that time, I felt completely deceived.
In fact, even if I go to an adult product shop or a doll club, I can only sell the garbage I collected.
is that all they have contents??
If I had known that fact before the refund threshold time set by Steam, I would definitely have a refund.
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