Does the Nomad Recognize the Iguana?

When entering Yorinobu’s Penthouse Suite, Streetkid V says something along the lines of, “Hey, check out that weird ass lizard,” to which Jackie replies, “It’s an iguana you dummy, I know cause I smuggled one once.” Does the Nomad life path have a similar reaction but maybe saying something along the lines of, “Hey look, this is where that iguana we smuggled ended up!”
Yes, Nomad V and Jackie have a unique reaction to it.

Both of them become surprised to seeing yet another Iguanna in Night City, after which V asks Jackie if he thinks it may be the same one they smuggled, but Jackie says it's not because the one they smuggled had a much saggier neck with many folds.
My money's on no. Those reptilian eyes seem more focused on, well, whatever delicious bugs they can snag for lunch, than recognizing obscure video game characters. Lizards are smart, don't get me wrong, but pop culture references might be a stretch!

Though, it would be pretty funny to see an iguana bob its head in recognition! Maybe they're just playing us?
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