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Dragon Age IV

I'm very excited about Dragon Age 4, but it's going to be a long time from now - probably 5 years or so until it actually releases. Bioware will be too occupied with their Destiny game with robots.
I'm definitely gonna play the new game when it comes out.

I absolutely loved Dragon Age Origins. Not much else to add here.

Second one was... Hmm... Let's just say it was okay-ish and I played it twice, but it definitely had some serious issues. Like going through same areas over and over again, just exiting and entering through different doors. And I really didn't like the equipment system for companions.

I also liked Inquisition a lot when I played it first time. But after Witcher 3 I never managed to get back to the game. It felt just lame.

In any case, I'm definitely interested to see the fourth game. It may or may not be great, but my love for the first game (and good experience with third one) still makes me curious enough to check out this new one too.
I also liked Inquisition a lot when I played it first time. But after Witcher 3 I never managed to get back to the game. It felt just lame.
This is almost exactly how I felt. It was great, until there was something better. Now it's just good. I think I did d one play-through later after the trespasser DLC came out to include the DLC and give a female inquisitor a go.
All this recent talk of Dragon Age made me purchase a new DRM-free copy of Dragon Age Origins (Thank you GOG / CDPR) when it was on sale, and play through it again.

By the time I was a couple of hours in, I remembered why I was so bitterly disappointed in it, even though overall it's a fun, well done game. The combat is great, but it feels myopic. Throw a few darkspawn at me, then allow me to move forward a bit and throw a few more at me, rinse and repeat. Pre-EA, it was never supposed to have been this way. Remember the cut scene of the massive fight that you see while you're on your way to light the watch fire at Ostagar? Well, the original plan was for battles more along the lines of those rather than what we got. Not in the thousands, but many dozens. The early proof of concept game play trailer that they showed already had it, along with comments that they hoped to be able to make them even bigger by the time the final product was ready.

And then, ugh, the EA acquisition happened, and Bioware was forced to scramble resources to prepare console versions, while also scaling way back so that the game would actually run on the consoles (remember, this wasn't the XBone / PS4 days). I love the game, but I will never stop loathing EA for destroying what it had the potential to be.

So Dragon Age IV. Yeah, I've decided that whatever it is, I'm not going to be interested.
The problem with it is you can expect microtransactions in their games.
so the question is how much it will effect gameplay I don't preorder games from them anymore.