Dual Casting progression

I play crime. (Too often I see my opponent remove Whoresome Senior from the board. Why? He is not the problem. It is the adjacent units.)

Day 1: Opponents played the Mages, Compass, and other decks that were not useful in the season
Day 2: Opponents started loading their decks with removal cards. Scorch, Heatwave....

At day 2 I realize it was the echo cards that hurt the most. So I put in 2 squirrels and Xavier.

Day 3: Opponents mostly played NG with Mill. I must faced against a couple dozen of mill. I guess that is not a bad choice, as your hope of playing such deck is to mill the echo cards. Surrender started to show up in the game.

Only won 1 game against the compass deck. It is dependent on them playing the compass and you having a graveyard removal card.
For the Mages, if you can remove those AA cards, things are looking good.

Another Deck is the ST that just spam boosts everyone.

It was interesting to see how the decks changed throughout the week.
Because I had a daily quest of winning a game of SK, I played the compass deck ONCE, but the opponent immediately forfeited. I finished my quest and went back to crime.

I had fun playing this season.

What did you like or dislike about the season?
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