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E3 News & Previews Thread



Hello, Edgerunners! This is our provisional thread of ALL E3 Media and Reports and discussion of same. You may -also- make threads to focus on what interests you, but we -will- merge those so as to reduce clutter.


1. From IGN:
E3 2018: First Cyberpunk 2077 Details: Game is a First-Person RPG, More

2. From IGN:
E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077 Doesn't Look Like The Witcher, But It Does Look Incredible

Hi rez screenshots from Gamersyde

4. From VG247:
Cyberpunk 2077 is a FPS with third-person vehicles, but don’t worry, it’s all RPG

5. From GameInformer
Cyberpunk 2077 Is Not What You Think – Impressions And Details From 50 Minutes Of Gameplay

6. VG247
Cyberpunk 2077: Banging, C-bombs and bullet-time – everything we know from 50 minutes of gameplay

7. KillaPenguin
You can invest in properties and end conversations with a bullet.

8. PC Gamer
Cyberpunk 2077: Everything we learned from the jam-packed E3 demo

9. E3 Coliseum video:

10. Eurogamer
We watched 50 minutes of uncut Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and interviewed CD Projekt about it

11. Destructoid
Cyberpunk 2077's E3 demo was incredible and massive, here's everything we learned

12. Metro/GameCentral
Cyberpunk 2077 preview – the game of the (next) generation

13. RPGSite
Cyberpunk 2077 Impressions from E3 2018

14. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Cyberpunk 2077’s demo at E3 was a vivid, drug-huffing first-person romp of guns and butts

15. PCWorld
Cyberpunk 2077: What we learned in the most mind-blowing game demo we've ever seen

16. Gamespot
E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077 Is Even More Ambitious Than You Think It Is

17. YongYea
YongYea Ask Me Anything on the Trailer
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No no! Snow, don't give up hope! FOV, movement speed...we can still hope for adjustments. Sooner or later, we'll ask a Red about this.


Hope this street cred system is not the only system in place for reputation. Sounds super simplified, hope there is more to it than first glance.


Damage numbers pop up during combat
It's an open world that you open up more with "street cred." For example, a specific jacket might raise it by 5%, allowing you access to new places
Bleh, don't like. Hopefully, we can turn damage numbers off and "street cred" doesn't hard-gate the content.

The dialogue cutscenes were one of the more impressive features in TW3 and CDPR were clearly happy with it, showing it off at GDC etc. Did you really expect it not to make a return?
Well, there you have it. First-person only.

Bummer. Don't think I'll be able to play it. :(
Bingo I was so hypeed for this game, but CD Projeckt has to be like every other Studio these days and make a SP game in FPS. so no buy for me. ugh too bad, hopefully they will change it and give you the option of FPS or 3rd person. It seems like every single player game is FPS so annoying. at least Rockstar and Sucker Puncher can come through with proper games.


did you really expect it not to make a return?
...yes. I actually did since they implied it.

(and I did think Witcher had way way way too much of them)


I don't mind the perspective, provided the gameplay there is still properly RPG (combat and otherwise), but now it needs more clarification on how it works.

If FPP means straight up FPS combat, I might have to do some rethinking. A lot of the new Deus Ex games were lost on me because I wanted to stay away from the FPS combat parts. I wouldn't want that here.


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hmmmm. thought it was going too be fps / tps. But have a question. Or am I seeing things. I cliked on link, then cliked on see deal and took me to another window, amazon . showed price for xbox one and pre-order. And something about Dec. 28, 2018. Am I seeing things?