E3 Swamp

E3 Swamp

I made this in around 4 hours (less if you don't count the time I spent playing around with it) and I wanted the preserve the beautiful colors from vanilla while mixing it with the E3 look and because I was rather dissapointed with the swamp from other lighting mods. It has nice transitions (from vanilla envs) and the coloring matches the sun position according to the demo and it should look nice wether you use CSL or not.




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Well, you'll need to ask Hermione Granger to borrow you her time reversing gizmo and go back to 2014 just to make sure it's working as intended. Or not, because it looks great, so who cares :p

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All it needs is some rolling/moving fog and it would be perfect. Let me know if you ever figure out how to do that!

Guest 3841499

You can actually add custom rain FX specific to that location or any specific location in w2l files. Strangely, only rain FX parameters exist, but maybe non-rain FX could also spawn. I was thinking - blood rain, but it would fit more with original unfinished overly red environment. Unique storm clouds or huge subuv fogs would look great in E3-like swamp.



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