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Emhyr leader skill bug


I've noticed a bug with the updated Emhyr leader skill which can really ruin a game if its a matter of 1-2 points.

Example: In R2 you place Leo on the top of your deck with Albrich. In R3 you are left with a Leo in your hand as your last card (Leo is boosted to 5, because you used Albrich on him in R2). You play your Leo, then you Emhyr him and he should be boosted to 7 - well he doesn't get boosted, he stays at 5.

The description of Emhyrs updated leader skill doesn't state that you won't get the +2 boost if the unit is already boosted.

Any one else experienced that?
Any one else experienced that?
If I am not mistaken, this has always been the case since the inception of the leader. Regardless, it's not a bug. Furthermore, you can actually use the leader ability to your advantage by replaying a damaged unit, which gets healed up for free.
But the leader never had a +2 before (at least not in home coming. It was introduced with the last patch correct, or am I mistaken?) and for example a double Leo vs the Skellige meta, or AQ, or Woodland etc. destroys your opponent. Had a couple of games tho, where destroying 2x high units and having my last say with Leo to get the +2 boost with Emhyr would have swung things my favor by 1 point and ended up losing those games, because he never got buffed.

Do you think this is intentional in the design of Emhyr (to not be able to boost boosted units by Albrich)?
Emhyr resets the card to base power and then adds a +2.

So you picked up a 5 points Leo, then he resets to 3, then gets to 5 with a 2 points boost.

The fact that both Albrich and Emhyr skills made Leo a 5 points card is coincidental.
Yup, the advantage of Emhyr before was he could replay a damaged card for example and reset it. Now as said here, he reset, then boost. This can be both good or bad.