Enhance the behaviour of AI in future updates or expansions?

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With the condition of citizen and NCPD AI in Cyberpunk 2077, is it possible for CDPR to enhance the behaviour of AI in future updates or expansions?

How would NCPD reacts to crimes and what citizens do when they witness a crime? Would citizens just run away and report to the police or gangs or would they try to fight back if they feel that they're strong enough? NCPD shouldn't shoot on-sight for minor crimes (and even just bumping into them!), such as punching passers-by and looting bodies and would try to break up the crime. Assaulting a police officer using non-lethal weapons such as using bare fists and batons would make NCPD do the same to you rather than using lethal force.

NCPD wouldn't actively hunt you down on lower wanted levels unless you are spotted by patrols, instead they would actively hunt you down and put up bounties on you on higher wanted levels. Enhancing the wanted system in a way when you have a certain amount of wanted level, NCPD would put up a bounty on you so that nearby gangs or bounty hunters would hunt you down for monetary rewards. A bribery mechanic like in Saints Row: The Third would be helpful for getting rid of lower wanted levels and clearing bounties. MAX-TAC would hunt you down on the highest possible wanted level.

Is it possible for CDPR to implement these AI mechanics into the game?


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+1 Would be nice. I found the AI for pedestrians, enemies, police, drivers, (pretty much everything), makes the game feel a bit lifeless. There's very little dialogue, the reactions are extremely basic and there's a *lot* of clones- often hanging out smoking together.
I don't encounter many tech bugs on PC, but this AI behavior breaking immersion for me. Alongside optimizations, please please prioritize fixing crowdlife & traffic AI behaviors.

- Add randomizations so crowd npcs dont perfrom actions in sync ala flash mob
- crowd life ducking/panicking animations seem to affect larger radius and way to prolonged, 10 minutes after a gunfight in the location, everyone in the neighborhood is still ducked
- overly sensitive NPCs that runaway in fear, scream, are way too many, it doesnt fit the narrative that they're living in tough city, I expect most of them know how to fight back, less running away.
- allow cars to solve traffic themselves. the entire highway would stop if leave my car in the middle.

This is honestly a very glaring oversight, I cant wrap my head around the very simplistic behavior of the inhabitants in a complex multi tiered city.
It's just a guess, but based on what I've seen, I think the AI routines were significantly truncated compared to what the design likely was. It's probably a rough-and-dirty system to ensure everything is at least working, even if it's not working really fluidly.

If I had to place bets, I'd put my chips on seeing some significantly cool improvements in this department eventually.
They can improve it, but not anytime soon. It's just too complex and requires plenty of playtesting. I agree that if there was advanced behavior, it was so unpolished, that it was removed to make the release date in at least partially working condition.
imagine if you have 4 stars and police cant find you but even if you lose 4 stars you still have bounty, and bounty hunters are not generic dudes, but similar to Adam Smasher or some Elite squad of badass Akatsuki clan trying to kill you xD
With the condition of citizen and NCPD AI in Cyberpunk 2077, is it possible for CDPR to enhance the behaviour of AI in future updates or expansions?
Actually, it's not only possible but essential.
The game will never be considered in an acceptable state with a AI of that level, this is the most important thing to fix after the biggest bugs the game has.
I don't think it needs to be added in an expansion. I see it as something they worked on and didn't have ready for the release so it should be released in a patch without us even having to ask for it. But ask for it we will.
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