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Entertainment at Court




You're cordially invited to the Imperial court! Bring your best manners... and a sword, or two.

In this Special Arena mode you will be able to create your decks with Nilfgaard cards only. The event will last till Wednesday, September 12th, 12 PM (noon) CEST.

Good luck and have fun!
Didn't we have the exact same event a short while ago? If the concept is to be repeated, why not at least use a different faction?
These are boring to me. But then again I don't care about Arena at all. It's extremely non competitive and the rewards aren't compelling.
That does not make sense, skellige should be next. Then later ST and NR also missing afaik. NG was already short time ago, thats enough.
One of the few times I played arena, I made a pretty good deck in this special mode today :p

It's got a number of bronzes, which just gave me the victory when the opponent played 3 Tibor Eggebrachts and I managed to kill one with Vilgefortz without drawing the opponent a card. Then it was all about me drawing cards while he was playing Tibors and I managed to go to round 3 a card up :p
RED Points: rrc
Im a regular draft player when it comes to MTG, so seeing an Arena option is nice. Although i agree with one of the later comments. Maybe more compelling rewards would encourage me to play it more. This is not necessery however. I still play arena on my draft night ("Friday" over here) and its nice to see the format change a little from time to time. 1 week Nilfgaard, 1 week skellige lets say.

Just got the idea of maybe some avatars or border prizes for Arena victories and such. That would definetly force me to play arena more regularly.

On another note. Please dont rump dump the current Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, for Witcher homecoming. I would have stopped giving you my support but i love this game to much. I want to collect all the cards. However im gonna lose my whole collection in like 6 month because of "Homecoming" yuck. You got me for two Gwents (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) and this new one. Im not about to learn a whole 'nother version of the game. PLEASE!!! change your mind.
^ If they added new borders for playing arena, there wouldn't be many left for future seasons.
Homecoming will probably release in October or November because the closed PTR is available.
They also said in March that it would be 6 months.