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Essential Mods/Patches



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Essential Mods/Patches

I'm looking for a list of mods and/or patches to fix various bugs and glitches in this game. I'm beginning my first playthrough and would like to have a seamless adventure (at least, as seamless as possible). Things I'm looking for would be what is included in the Nitpicker's Patch for Wild Hunt, as well as any small bugfixes, quest corrections, item fixes, etc.

Any other tips, tricks, or suggestions are welcome here.

Thank you in advance.

PS: I created a separate thread for this topic because I haven't seen one for The Witcher 1. I believe it'd be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to mods/patches like what I ask for. Various players may come looking for such fixes, and this thread could help them.

EDIT: There's a thread containing lots of 2017 mods, but I'm not sure if I should trust that site, nor am I sure that all of the best mods/fixes are listed there. Here's a link to the thread anyway.
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Check Rise of the White Wolf, Scabbard and Full Combat Rebalance, those are the 3 i usually use when playing witcher 1, they have become an almost must have for me to enjoy the game.


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I'd agree with Yeiiow I've really enjoyed using White Wolf and the Full Combat Rebalance, absolutely essential when I reply Witcher 1. I haven't heard of Scabbard but does look interesting and will add it into my next playthrough.