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Expired Ale / Foul Ale question



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Expired Ale / Foul Ale question

Hi all,

I just had it once, but according to what I read, this card is heavily played. A couple questions about it. How do you make your opponent draw his top gold / silver card, is there a button for it? On top of it, do you need to choose this option right away, or you can wait with Foul Ale in your hand and make your opponent draw before Foul Ale forces you to a random discard? Thanks


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If you played it while the 3 turn timer is ticking, your opponent draws his top gold/silver unit. If you do not play it you discard a random unit from your hand.


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What happens if you mulligan It, or if it changes the round while the timer is tickling?
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This occured once to me, so no guarantee on that. It seems like you can simply mulligan the ale away, even between rounds. I don't know what happens to the timer.


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Playing Against "Foul Ale"

Just faced this card and it kind of bamboozled me.


Make your opponent draw the top Silver or Gold card from their Deck, or after 3 turns in your Hand, at the start of your turn Banish this card and Discard a random card from your Hand."

So if you respond to the card by playing it, it will give them a card. What I didn't think about is the card itself does nothing. So they aren't really gaining card advantage. They are just replacing the Foul Ale with a gold or silver. Which is an upgrade, but random.

If you don't play it, you lose card advantage. So unless the round is going to end before the three turn trigger, you should probably play it. Unless if maybe you have a read that they need a silver/gold to win the round.

Am I looking at this card right guys?


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When I saw this card at first I was thinking that it was super card advantage and would be auto include in just about every deck. But then I realized that any discard or mulligan card completely negates the effect and your opponent can just play the ale which doesn't actually give you card advantage. (you play a card putting a card in their hand, they play that card putting a card back in your hand) So if they play the ale, all that really happens is you filtered a silver card out of your own deck. That isn't to say the card isn't worth playing. I just think it needs to be in the right deck that wants to stall. If I have something that triggers a positive effect each turn on my units and/or I have negative effects triggering each turn on opposing units then this card buys a couple turns of effects triggering.


Maybe there is more than meets the eye with this card. Just now I had a match against a high ranking player, and he did a very curious combo in the third round, involving this card.
He played Ciri: Dash and buff her twice with mandrake cordial (the second time via Eithné). Then played Dorregaray and Ekimmara, consumed Ciri for a good chunk of points. Then, he played Expired ale. I think his intention was to force me to play foul ale so he could draw Ciri again; I didn't play it so I'm not 100% sure.


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Another use that just occurs me with this card. It says that reveals in opponent´s hand. Does it combo with Mangonel in a reveal deck? Because it might be a bonus to use in such a list


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This card is probably best used at Round 3, when you're expecting your opponent to have a key card, probably a Gold that he can't afford to lose, so you play it when he has few cards left and the chances of losing that key card are higher.

Yesterday i played against someone who used this against me on Round 2, but i had won Round 1, so i passed. He then played one extra card even when he had more points just to let the Ale do its effect, otherwise i would mulligan it (not sure if that would negate the effect though)


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Eliadann;n9780231 said:
... Does it combo with Mangonel in a reveal deck? Because it might be a bonus to use in such a list
Probably not worth it.

Someone played it against me in my SK Veteran Pirate deck third round. I didn't cared a bit what it discards. Cause I discarded it with Svanrige. Also was winning anyway, so I didn't cared to pay attention on the aftermath.


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One thing to note regarding the card is that it has the Alchemy tag, so the Vesemir gold card can pull and play this card from your deck. I am currently running an alchemy focused Nilfgaard deck using the Vesemir combo alongside the Vicar Novice and Crow's Eye. Dropped in an Overdose and Mandrake to get extra options with Vesemir and prevent a scenario where I pull all my Bronze Alchemy cards and is saddled with a useless Novice.

I generally try hard to win round 1 and then use Vesemir with the Ale in round 2 to ensure my opponent cant pass and muligan it away. If not possiblem i just go for the round 3 play or use Vesemir for one of the other Alchemy cards.

Crow's Eye has also been a pleasant suprise.