"F","MMB"&"Double Tap to Dodge" Keybinds

Ability to change these keybinds please!

The unaddresable " F " key , Middle Mouse Button and Double Tap to Dodge really mess up my gameplay experience and it would be EXTREMELY helpful if I could choose which keys to use for these actions on my own!!

My middle mouse button does not work so I have to disassemble any clothes that I put on to get rid of them if I have nothing else to wear, seeing as the game will not let me rebind the unequip action!

Double tap directional buttons to dodge makes combat feel haphazard and unrewarding to me! When I have to lift my finger from the key to press it again and dodge I lose any rythm that I previously had while trying to move around an enemy! Using another key + the directional key (W,A,S,D) to dodge is much better, like the witcher 3! And I can't think of any games which I have played that didn't offer this feature!

The " F " key as the action button is not the optimal choice! I've talked to people on reddit that feel the same way about this! As the most widely used input for the game this location is way too close to the directional keys! I would need to have a childs hands to comfortably use this key so often! Any game that binds an input to this key I ALWAYS rebind to something a bit further away for ease of use!

I feel the same way about how the " C " key is bound, but I may have been able to rebind that one. I didn't get to test it while playing yesterday. But if it's not able to be rebound being able to do so would make my gameplay experience infinitely better! Same with the other inputs that I mentioned.

Thank you for your time, and I sincerely hope that these issues can be addressed. I know my gameplay experience would benefit from it greatly!
+1 the worst ever dodge is the one that makes you press the same button twice, out of all things people complaining about regarding cyberpunk, I'd say this is the first one that needs a fix, and ASAP because I presume this is the easiest one of all requests, and also samurai-style build with katanas and everything is unplayable just because of this one particular flaw of movement control
I used mouse 4 to rebind the action key. This is much more convenient. F is now my inventory key.

As of today,before they patch this, you can solve your problem by editing a file there :
"where is your games" \Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\inputUserMappings.xml
Replace all occurence of IK_F" (with the double quote) by something else (for my exemple, I replaced this by IK_mouse4" (with the double quote)).

You also want to back up this file before doing this if you messed up.

You can google that problem, some found solutions (incuding mods etc).
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