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Faces of RED, episode 1

Faces of RED, episode 1

Today we are launching a series of interviews called ''Faces of RED''. These short interviews will introduce you to the members of the RED team involved in creating The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The first episode focuses on head of QA Department (Quality Assurance), Przemysław Wjcik. Enjoy the read!

Name: Przemysław Wjcik
How long in CDP: Four years (since the beginning of 2008)
Favorite games: Heroes of Might and Magic series \ Diablo \ Starcraft
Favorite movies/TV shows: Friends
Favorite books: Lord of the rings trilogy \ The Witcher Saga
Favorite food: Gołąbki:)
Motto: Nothing is ever perfect
If I didnt work in game development, I would be a...Application Analyst
1) Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do in CDP RED?
PW: Im a head of QA Department (Quality Assurance). I graduated college with a degree in computer science and Ive always had passion for testing computer applications and finding and fixing all sorts of bugs. I joined CDP RED as a regular tester, I spent weeks testing original Witcher and this title holds a very special place in my heart till this day. Since Ive started working here, I've learned a lot about the whole process of game development and how you should interact with people. Games have always been my huge passion and I always paid attention to various bugs/errors ruining my fun. It became my passion to correct bugs and make games better.
2) Describe your work on the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2:
PW: At this moment I am responsible for scheduling testing and building the QA team. Im always eager go back to testing. We as QA are responsible for the overall quality of the released game. It is imperative that we find all bugs, otherwise players will. Working in RED comes with new challenges and surprises every day.
3) The development of this adaptation has been announced more than a year, what were the biggest difficulties for the team?
PW: The team had to have a fresh approach for the 360 version, although we knew the PC game for a few years. Apart from the content we knew, we had to test new gameplay elements at the same time. We wanted no quality compromise when compared with the PC version.The hardest part was working with the Xbox 360, because we had to put stress on gameplay elements, which werent necessarily as important on the PC. We had to revise the whole testing policy.But it gave us a lot of satisfactionto see the game getting better and better. We all gained a lot of experience and we are ready for more
4) If you were to describe a perfect game of your dreams, what would it be:
PW: It would be an RPG or a strategy game with RPG elements thats for sure. An ideal game never gets you bored and surprises you every time you play it. MMOs and other online games, which allow player interaction are the closest to that ideal. Other people make your adventures, gameplay, matches different each time. My dream game would be a single player game which would be different during each playthrough just like multiplayer games.
5) If you were to convince someone to play The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in a text message (140 chars.) how would you do it?
PW: The Witcher 2 is an immersive non-linear story with a fantastic combat system. An adventure you cant miss.
I remember that game called Mafia 2. It was developed by a czech dev and they had a funny idea. They created a wanted poster for every developer in their team and placed it everywhere in the games city streets. You could explore the town and find them at every corner. Below was a short text of crimes this person commited.
This somehow reminds me of that.
Nice little interview... I happen to agree on his vision of a perfect, "game-of-my-dreams".

I'm also glad we have at least one CDProjektRED employee who doesn't look dangerously thin. :p
Great idea! Nice to know the team closer, although this guy apparently likes to keep some distance :)
This is great!
I think CDP should create a fullblown blog for this stuff though, the community section of this website seems so..hidden away.
I am no fanboy of Bethesda, but I like how they run their Bethblog. Maybe for future inspiration..?

A poor country had made an incredible game. I'm kind of jealous. I wish I could work with CDP, but I have no fundamental abilities suitable for the game development.

As for his motto, I do agree with him. You can't judge anything by its bad points. Judge it for its good points, like Wiedzmin's story based solely from the books.
Cool idea!

Nice to see what the people of CDPR do, thinks, plans and wishes for the present and for the future.

We who appriciates all your work you put into a project are interested of knowing a bit about the people making their favorite games.

Very interesting read indeed. Keep 'em comming.
More like 20. And right now, we're one of the few countries barely hit by the debt crisis (unlike, say, Greece).
Tannosuke said:
A poor country had made an incredible game.
Seriously, why would you even come up with anything like that and how is that relevant in any way?

Yeah, way to earn friends among us Poles, step on our Polish pride.
MM360 said:
The first episode focuses on head of QA Department (Quality Assurance), Przemysław Wójcik. Enjoy the read!</p>
<p>Favorite movies/ TV shows: Friends</p>
<p>Favorite books: Lord of the rings trilogy The Witcher Saga</p>
Too bad he didn't mentioned Lotr as favorite movie, but oh well the books are great too (although I haven't read it)

I'm really interested in how a Sci-Fi RPG Game from CDP would look like, as The Witcher is kinda fresh from the story and gameplay.
Daywalker30 said:
I'm really interested in how a Sci-Fi RPG Game from CDP would look like, as The Witcher is kinda fresh from the story and gameplay.
I would love to play Sci-Fi rpg from CDP. Especially after I played ME3.