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Faces of RED, episode 1

OK that`s one out of how many more ? Finally get to meet the RED team...outstanding idea !!
Cannot wait to meet some more of the people that brought us the Witcher series !
CDPR is very smart with their relationship to the fans. Now other devs will take their lead...or try. This is a great idea. I will definitely want to hear from:

-level designers
-combat designers.
Tannosuke said:
Awesome...A poor country had made an incredible game.
Location: Greece :facepalm:

If our country is poor, what can we say about your homeland? "Mega-poor"? Fortunately Poland is a richer country than Greece.
(Google Translator)

Sorry Tommy, but I must support Tannosuke, because only I have a different opinion than other Poles who write here.

For the Poles in this thread:
You manifestation of a lot of trust in current government propaganda. Tannosuke is right. Poland is still a poor country.

Do Polaków w tym wątku:
Przejawiacie za duże zaufanie w propagandę obecnego rządu. Tannosuke ma rację. Polska to nadal biedny kraj.
Yes, it's clear. But let's keep the politics outta here. You can discuss this in private if you like.

Unfortunately, politics and religion are hot subjects and not easy to discuss in a forum.
Great! This kind of profile interview was overdue. Where did you get this amazing idea from?
I hope there will be many other episodes which turns simple names into an individual. C'mon, don't hide the next episode ;)

And don't forget: Creativity has no nationality. So the valuation of a country is unnecessary.