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Faction Restriction in Arena

I would really like to play more Arena, but right it's not a very fun experience for me and considering the fact that only 20% of the players have gotten the achievement for playing a single arena run (no matter how many wins you get) I feel like something needs to change.

The main reason why I don't like playing Arena is that you are not so much building a deck rather than you are throwing together a number of cards with the highest possible individual strength and then hope your opponent got a worse draw then you did. You can take a Cintrian Envoy as your very first pick and then never see any card with charges for the entire rest of the draft so you end up with a dead card. Having the restriction of a faction would allow you to take certain cards which rely on having a specific other type of card to synergize with, while the absence of a provision or copy cap would still allow you to make crazy decks you wouldn't normally be able to play. On the same note, I think choosing the leader as your first rather than your last pick would additionally increase your ability to actually build interesting decks.

For comparison you could look at Duelyst, whichs draft mode works exactly like that and is 100% more interesting to play because you can do actual strategies in it. The only real strategy you can follow in GWENT Arena is only taking one copy of each card and hope you get Shupe at one point. If you want to keep things a bit differently you could do something like giving the player one draw from each of the other four faction to mix it up. Also, I think allowing players to complete daily quest in Arena would increase popularity by a lot.
The problem with arena is that too many leaders are completely useless. CDPR really needs to give us the option to view all 3 leader choices before selecting any cards because that allows us to find at least some possible synergy. Furthermore, we should be able to select 30 cards and then make a 25 cards deck by removing 5 (useless) cards of our choice. This also allows us to take some more risky (more synergistic) cards without the risk of having them brick. Finally, the provision variance is too high and needs to be toned down. All cards should be rolled on a total scale of 160 to 180.

As it stands now, arena is broken. Sorry for the harsh words, but the mode has remained unchanged since it's inception and it's really time for an overhaul.
Arena is quite fun, could be worse, could be better.

You have some good points. For me generally, arena is a good way to get to know more cards from more factions, and how they work, and hopefully gain more barrels and resources than I spend.

Maybe CDPR made the leader choice last for a reason?
Hello to one who is reading.
I am playing arena all the time ignoring ranked/seasonal games.
And i would love to improve game mechanics for arena. Because now it's chaos in there.
The problem with arena is that you can't play around stuff, like there is no strategy except long/short rounds and leader ability (little card synergy). That's it.

I would love to suggest to change the concept of the draws - like first you choose the leader and afterwards you get all cards from that *faction* and *natural* faction. (and maybe set exact numbers of rare/etc cards choices to draw for each user - this would be fantastic because each player would be in the same power level) I hope this message gets where it should be. Thanks
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Wouldn't that make the Arena mode a "Classic casual game which doesn't give daily rewards"? :shrug:
The problem with arena is the little it has to do with provisions. In arena, you can pick a card out of 4 choices, that will be the same colour and rarity and provisions don't matter. This is where the problems start.

In ranked, Ethne is a good leader. Why? Because she has a lot of provisions. In arena, she is one of the worst. In ranked, Usurper isn't seen all that often, but in arena, his low provisions make no difference. The same problem applies in drafting, If I get Zoltan: Scoundrel and Ciri, I'm going to pick Zoltan. The 7 provision difference is completely meaningless and is useless. In old Gwent, there were no provisions, and cards were balanced based on their colour. This means that the power of your 4 options should be roughly similar. If you have the displeasure to remember old Sihil, you should remember how many points to it. They could of nerfed it's provisions to 25, and it would still be a problem in arena because of lack of provisions. Of course, CDPR made the right choice and nerfed it's power level instead.