Favorite DLC from any game?

Kicksin, which became near impossible at hell difficulty. Traps allowed for more distance and survivability, but just felt a bit too passive to me.
Yeah, i think kicksin is more gear dependent, due to a lack of range and poor survivability it is difficult to keep going through hell, especially with -100 res.
Seriously, no one?
Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne my dudes.... [Expansion]
Hearts of Stone (felt like more personal story) [Expansion]
B&W which was really enjoyable, especially the completely different color tone it had from the base game and HoS with that fairy tale colors. [Expansion]
HZD The Frozen Wilds [Expansion]
DA:O Leliana's Song (This is a DLC)
Dying Light: The Following is probably my favorite. I wasn't expecting much but it was incredible.
I also really enjoyed Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. Loved the story and the characters :)
Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising
The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith edition

Never played TW3 despite all the good feedbacks 'cause I'm not really into heroic fantasy stuff ^^
Overall Blood and Wine... I had been hearing for the longest time that it was mindblowingly good, with multiple friends insisting that I should purchase it, but I thought they were exaggerating. Then, I played it and was blown away.
Well, for me B&W and HoS are the best, especially having into account that they released physical versions with lovely gwent cards :cool:

But I also like a lot The Frozen Wilds (HZD), Dawnguard/Dragonborn (Skyrim), The Curse Of The Pharaohs (AC:Origins), Legacy Of The First Blade/The Fate Of Atlantis (AC: Odyssey), Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (Borderlands 1), Tina Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (Borderlands 2), Broken Steel/Point Lookout (Fallout 3) and Overlord (ME2) :beer:
I think that W3 DLC are so good, that this standard will never be achieved.

From other games I like:
- Cold, Cold Heart from Arkham Origins - amazing mr.Freeze episode.
- Second episode from Atlantis DLC Assassin's Creed Odyssey with Hades.
Probably a housing dlc that was included in Skyrim VR. You could build huge houses, decorate them, use work stations, storage, everything. The house I loved had a place to get fish and grow gardens that could be used to craft with. They did good on that.
-War of the Chosen ( XCOM 2 )
-Blood and Wine ( The Witcher 3 ) ( Don't know about you guys but Toussaint calms my nerves, I could watch the landscape for hours ... )
My most favorite DLC from any game would be Diablo II - Lord of Destruction. I loved being able to continue the story in Diablo II and being able to face against Baal. I can vaguely recall spending hours and hours of a means to kill Baal with my skeletons at the time. Playing as a Necromancer with all of his points being spent on mastery of Skeletons and nothing else. That can hinder things a little bit. I mean, Baal kept slaughtering my army like they were melted butter... However, I found a loop in the system and took full advantage of that "feature." I did very much like the Reaper of Souls DLC in Diablo III, but it pales to nothing with the class option to its prequel. Besides that DLC, nothing comes to mind at the moment.
Its not a actual DLC but I wish Quantic Dream would make some DLC for Detroit Become Human that has Hank and Connor solving random cases or a Hank backstory
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... not really DLC .. but the Mod Support for Skyrim and Fallout 3, F:NV, and Fallout 4.

The games themselves were, eh, meh, arright, but the Mod Support was absolutely phenomenal. That level of Mod Support/ability to Mod the game was the best thing about those games and probably the best thing about ANY game ... ever.

Yes, there's been some phenomenal DLCs in lots of games, but, I don't think we'll ever see anything on the level of the Mod Support those games had for a long time ... at least not until AI-assisted development reaches a level of sophistication where devs are pouring out packets of 10 full-sized DLCs with base game updates/patches all at once, once a month ... because AI can do and do much, and do fast.

... but, yeah, the level of Modding allowed in Skyrim - FO4, despite how good/bad the games themselves were, the Modding all together cumulatively was better than any DLC for any game, ever.

Modders can give you all the things,
all the things you never knew you needed.

If CDPR gave us that level of Modding Support, resources, toolkit, CP2077 could have an active life of 10+ years too.
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