Favorite Radio Station

Tbh half of them dont play anything for me, so i just leave it on anything thats not that headache rock
Don't really have a favorite station but I've been listening to Body Heat Radio a lot for Grimes/Lizzy Wizzy. Had the best car crashes listening to '4AM'.

Shame by the way that her song 'Violence' wasn't featured, would have fit so well in Night City. Loved that it was the title of her quest though.
Vexelstrom I guess, since it runs the only great song in the game, and doesn't have much terrible ones.

I just have to mention Morro Rock radio, which is a complete travesty and doesn't seem to have a single piece of rock in it (not that Im going to sit through it to confirm as all Ive heard of its music is violently repulsive). I saw this coming years back as CDPR didn't hire any actual rock artists in the first place, and I suppose they have to make do with what the artists produced. To call it "rock radio" is blasphemy though. And whoever thought it a good idea to put rap/hiphop on "rock radio" should be hanged from their balls in public.

Thankfully radio songs aren't as prominent in the game as I feared. Which is both good and bad, as I cant even adjust music volume when Im listening the good radio songs.
Vexelstrom and Night City fm

most of the songs of Grimes , Le Destroy, Pointbreak Candy , SAMURAI are in those stations

love to hear Never Fade Away or Chippin In :cool:
I am all about the hip hop so I usually keep it locked on The Dirge. I have been known to exceed the speed limit if The Ballad of Buck Ravers is on Morro Rock Radio, though.

I also like the EDM on Pebcak and Body Heat.

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Pacific Dreams for myself, Royal Blue for my corpo V, Ritual FM for nomad, The Dirge for streetkid.
Morro Rock is the only station that doesn't make me want to instantly kill myself via traffic accident, although it really doesn't contain a lot of good rock songs if you ask me. The Samurai songs are okay, I guess,beacuse they are at least tied to the plot, but the game soundtrack really lacks some good "classic rock" for lack of a better word. You know, something with actual, high class riffs and singers that don't just scream, but sing? Considering the game is a retrofuturistic 80s fantasy, you'd think they offered a bit more rock music based on music from that era?
Ritual, Pacific Dreams and the Maelstrom station (don't know what the English name is, the localized translation is User Error)
Though I haven't heard everything
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