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Favourite soundtrack!

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Favourite soundtrack!

There are so many good soundtracks today, old or new, in games or in movies. What are some of your favourites? Personally I quite liked Ennio Morricone's Good the Bad and the Ugly and The Mission soundtracks, plus the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack by Trevor Jones. The one game soundtrack that managed to strike gold for me was the Dragon Age: Origins soundtrack by Inon Zur.
The Witcher has awesome soundtrack ;) and I realy like sountracks by Hans Zimmer: Batman/The dark knight, Black hawk down,...
Damn the ones you've listed are pretty awesome. Well, with the exception of Inon Zur. I don't know, his music is very hit and miss. For every good song, there are 10 generic boring ones.

Here's an example of when he doesn't completely suck. Pretty cool tune :)


Anyway, gotta add me own before people call me out for being an asshole! Hm, let's see here. There are so many good ones out there. Well, since they came to mind first I'll list these. The soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are beyond fuckin' amazing.

Oh and Mass Effect 3 had a pretty badass soundtrack as well. God damn, I love that futuristic synth thing they've got going there. Awesome shit!

And Hellsing

Bot have excellent soundtracks, have both on a phone.


Ennio Morricone's Dollar Trilogy is superb! Apart from that, Purple Rain has a great soundtrack by Prince and the Revolution. I like Tarantino's choice of songs for his movies. Hardly every do I fuss about Quentin's movies soundtracks ;)
The Witcher's soundtrack is probably my favourite.

I agree with Foggy, ME3 had some really good tracks, shame the actual game wasn't as good. I thought ME1's music was really fitting but I'm not sure if I actually like it, and ME2's music isn't atmospheric at all so ME3 had a nice blend of both styles with something new thrown in as well which is why I like it.

Other soundtracks I enjoy... The Witcher 2, LOTR, SW, Braveheart, Gladiator, Batman (from the new movies and from some of the old ones, as well as the music from the Arkham games and from Batman Returns for the NES), Crysis 2 and 3 (Borislav Slavov and Co do a great job there), DE:HR, Knights of Honor (Borislav Slavov again, - a hidden gem, that soundtrack), Clash of the Titans (even if the movie itself was meh), Van Helsing, Inception. A few tracks from MU Online but those are out of nostalgia. Also, some of the "darker" tunes from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ( I'm probably forgetting a few but these are some of my favourites.
Transformers - The Movie (and no, not Bayformers, the original G1 animated movie)
Lots of nostalgia at play, probably, but I admittedly have a weakness for trashy, cheesy 80's hard rock...

Optimus arriving as relief force for Autobot City to this song - absolutely epic moment!

Daft Punk's soundtrack for Tron: Legacy is awesome, too.
300, The Witcher 1,2, Skyrim, LotR, Dragon Age: Origins, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-4, many I forget right now + various tracks from several other movies and games, more rarely the entire soundtrack.
My all-time-favourite would be the soundtrack for Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris. They movie may be not thaaat great, but the soundtrack definitely is.
The Doctor Who score is amazing, especially the opening theme manages to impress me every time a new episode begins. That theme is very iconic and stayed roughly the same over the past 50 years of Doctor Who.

Here is the Doctor Who theme and how it evolved over the past 50 years:

And here is the best and most epic version of the Doctor Who theme:
Anyone who played this wonderful RPG, should remember this music... ooohh, I need to replay this game right now!
I don't usually play shooters,but this is one of my favorite soundtracks [media][/media]
Besides Witcher games OSTs, I like the OSTs of Professor Layton games. I really got into playing these games because of the catchy music, haha.

As for movies, the score of Blood and Roses (1960) is really beautiful. I only managed to find a sample though. Warning: Spoilers for Blood and Roses in the video.
Right now I'm re-listening to the soundtrack of this little gem of a game that I still friggin' love so much. AHHH NOSTALGIA.

There's also TW 1 and TW 2 aaand I really like the Noveria theme from Mass Effect 1. Even though I liked the whole soundtrack from the game that particular one stood out for me.
My favourites from The Witcher 1 and 2
My favorite soundtrack from TW2, it broke my heart when they removed it in the EE version. I am still praying they will change it back.
The Blade Runner soundtrack, really set the film apart. The Witcher 1&2 soundtracks, every time I hear them I want to start up the games again. Jeremy Soules Icewind Dale music, fucking beautiful. Of course Ozar Midrashim as well, Kain is deified, too right he is motherfucker.
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