FEEDBACK AND BUGS-WITCHER 3 Gwent and New Game Plus Feedback and Suggestions for the Next General Update Version 4.04 -XBOX INSIDERS ALPHA SKIP AHEA

One thing I absolutely hate about New Game+ is that (Geralt's) (the) Gwent Deck restarts from scratch and also the Skelige Deck was never fully implemented into The Witcher 3 and basically would like, to see your Gwent Deck(s) carryover to NG+ Along With the Skelige deck and Cards found all over the world and not just Toussaint. You can and could loot piles of Gwent Cards found throughout the world. I got the idea from The Neutral Card set and also The Cow card added into Hearts Of Stone.

It never made sense that everything from Toussaint except the Skelige And Gwent decks carried over to NG+. Also another thing I hate about the Gwent mini-game is that it is literally rigged and the NPC A.I. ACTORS literally cheat and do not always pass when they are supposed to and sometimes literally do not pass until you are literally almost out of cards and by then you are literally fucked. So, yes the Gwent mini-game need attention and fixing and patching and basically implementation of the Stand Alone Gwent game into The Witcher 3.

Oh, and bring back the original pommel for Aerondight as seen at the start up of the Witcher 3 after The Warner Brothers logo. I just purchased a Series X. it was not until Chrismas '23 that I set it up.
Aerondight was originally the sword Maugrim. And was the same sword The Lady Of The lake gives Geralt and the same sword Geralt lost at the beginning of Assassins Of Kings.

Like I expressed before I shortly worked with CDPROJEKT remotely when I was still taking online classes through Full Sail. At the time I was going by Barrtolme Lawrence Rossi on Facebook. Iam now an Xbox Insider Alpha Skip Ahead an sometimes provide(s) critical feedback that is greatly needed.

Originally in the 2015 game I remember that you could loot the sword placed on Florian Verrieres's grave in White Orchard. it has since become a permanent static object and cannot be interacted with or looted.

Throughout the game many things have become permanently static objects and some torches and braziers and hanging braziers cannot be lit due to numerous scripting bugs and Legacy Bugs and Legacy glitches still present in the files. no matter how small the bugs or glitches are and are often overlooked by the developers ,these literally "snowball' out of control and due to old age and how old the files are and were originally developed using Microsoft Legacy Software and Windows Legacy OS. The same goes with CYBERPUNK 2077 TOO.
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