Feedback for Gwent on Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 9)

I am new (so I can't make new threads yet) to the forum so I apologize if the following feedback is in the wrong place. I will gladly move it to the right place if someone would just point me in the right direction.

I must say, it is great to finally be able to play Gwent on my android. If it weren't for this quarantine, I would be playing it a lot more on Android, but for now the PC is the better option. However, once the quarantine lifts I intend to be playing a lot more on the Android.

For that very reason I would really like it to be the best possible experience it can be. That is why I created this forum account. To offer some feedback and tell you my 3 main problems.

Note: I am playing on an Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 8GB RAM (So performance isn't an issue.)

Problem 1: The Deck is almost impossible to tap (and hold) on accurately (in particular when the camera is focusing on the opponents side of the board). Either I am tapping just on the curve of the screen right outside the active area, or right above the deck. Not to mention that the margin of movement for the tap and hold action is so narrow, that even the slightest shake of the hand will cancel this action. Since one must tap and hold on the deck to view it, this becomes almost impossible. I can spend the entire mulligan phase trying to view my deck and not succeed.

Problem 2: The cards in ones hand are barely visible (in particular when the camera is focusing on the opponents side of the board). in fact, with a full hand, I can just about see the tops of the 6 cards in the middle of my hand, but the ones on the ends are completely outside the screen. Sure, they still highlight when touching right above them, but this makes the game experience very prone to misplays. The amount of screen space allocated to the enemy hand, their deck, and graveyard is actually larger than ones own.

Problem 3: It is important to note that the above problems are not an issue during your turn, because the camera pans down, but it is a major issue during your opponents turn, and especially during the mulligan phase after having lost the previous round, because the camera stays focused on the opponents side of the board. I think these problems wouldn't be that bad If I could use the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for precise touch inputs. Which brings me to my final issue. The S Pen simply doesn't work in Gwent. Which is a pity, because it could give the player touch and hover functionality.

Potential solutions:
The simplest minimalist solution would be an option in the settings to disable the camera movement, similar to how that is an option in the PC version.
Additional solution would be implementing S Pen compatibility, though I do not think that this is a good final solution by itself because the touch area for the cards and the deck would still be very small, even for the S Pen.

Thank you for your time, and I can't wait to see what else will be coming in the future to Gwent.
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just wondering if you had a screen protector on your phone? I've seen sometimes that certain screen protectors will cover up some of the screen so it looks as though part of the imaging is cut off. It might not be the problem, I'm sure it's probably more of a technical issue on the developers but its worth noting
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