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Forum Regulations

Welcome to our Official Forums! We hope you’ll enjoy your time here and engage in interesting conversations. Before you dive in, please, take a moment to review our rules of conduct, which apply to all sites and sub-sites of our forums at including Private Messages.

By logging into the forums at owned by CD PROJEKT RED (CDPR), you are agreeing to the terms listed below. Neither nor CD PROJEKT RED is liable for users’ content.

When perusing the forums, you will often find people passionately expressing their opinions, which may differ from yours. Regardless of these differences, please, keep the following basic rules in mind:
  • always treat others with kindness and respect
  • stay on topic
  • write in the appropriate language of the forums
  • make an effort to post clear and intelligible content
  • label threads containing sensitive game content and hide graphic screenshots under spoilers
  • do not insult others and try not to easily take offense
  • avoid excessive swearing/profanity

In particular, it is prohibited to:
  • place any commercial offers or advertisements in forum posts
  • spam and/or publish posts lacking meaningful content
  • ridicule other users, post content which insults individuals or social groups, or spoil (in a broad sense) the fun of other users
  • post pornographic content
  • write about political, religious and other world-view topics; this does not apply to discussions about fictional topics connected with the worlds depicted in the CDPR products
  • publicly debate or dispute moderating action; all discussion of moderation must take place in Private Messages
  • use multiple user accounts at the same time and/or register new user accounts in order to avoid imposed penalties
  • impersonate forum moderator or an employee of CDPR
  • promote, brag about, or declare intent to violate copyright
  • post and/or discuss unpublished content from CDPR’s products, or other information/content obtained from leaks or data-mining without CDPR’s permission
Violations of these rules may be met with:
  • deletion or editing of posts
  • a written warning
  • a permanent infraction on the user’s account
  • a temporary or permanent account ban from the Forums []

In addition, any conduct prohibited under applicable law is also prohibited on the site This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • contributing to or promoting violation of copyright; any admission of piracy will result in an immediate, temporary ban
  • promoting real life consumption of alcohol, narcotic drugs, or other intoxicants
  • posting pornographic, sexist, or racist content, or any other materials discriminating against or slandering persons or social groups
  • insulting users of and/or other individuals
  • disclosing private correspondence without the author’s consent, or other users’ personal data without their consent
Any user who commits one or more breaches may be met with:
  • deletion or editing of posts
  • a formal warning and a permanent infraction
  • a temporary or permanent account ban from the Forums []
  • sending a notification to the proper authorities including a user’s e-mail address and IP number

If you see a violation of any of these rules, please, use the “Report” function to alert the moderators and administrators. Please, do not try to enforce rules on your own. Abuse of this system will be considered “spamming” and may constitute grounds for penalties.

These rules are enforced by the forum administrators and moderators, and any actions deemed inappropriate may be penalized with the tools available on the Forums, including up to account deletion. Moderators can enforce these rules on the entirety of the content on the Forums, not just what is included in public posts. When disciplinary action is required, the moderators and administrators will discuss the decision privately with the user(s) involved. Moderating actions will not be debated publicly. All discussion of moderation will take place in private messages. Additionally, moderators will not discuss moderating actions with users who are not directly involved in an incident. If you are confused about a particular action taken against you, please, contact the moderators via private message. Keep in mind that any opinions expressed by forum moderators or administrators are private, and should not be taken as an official stance by CD PROJEKT RED.

In cases not outlined above, you are expected to abide by/accept the forum moderator’s/administrator’s decisions. In disputed matters, final decisions are made by the forum moderators and administrators, who shall base their decisions on the general principles of conduct for Internet communities, and on the assumption that users act in good faith. Official communication with any forum moderator should be considered correspondence with all moderating authorities. Abusive and/or aggressive conduct towards the forum moderators and administrators in official correspondence may constitute grounds for further penalties.

Any complaints about the forum moderators and/or administrators, or appeals against their decisions must be channelled through CD PROJEKT RED’s Community Manager @Vattier. Such appeals and complaints can be sent only in private messages or e-mails ( ). All other forms of communication will be deemed invalid.

Final note: please keep in mind that CD PROJEKT RED User Agreement applies to your use of the forum.

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