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FP VS TP - perspective matters


What perspective do YOU want in CP game ?

  • FP- First person

    Votes: 300 22.9%
  • TP- Third person

    Votes: 457 34.9%
  • I must play TP- I have motion sickness GIVE as choice !

    Votes: 99 7.6%
  • I do not care

    Votes: 131 10.0%
  • I want both!

    Votes: 323 24.7%

  • Total voters
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If that is confirmed and i would ask cd project to confirm it right ASAP this is going to be a slap in the face for a lot of people that spent years in this forum talking about their dream rpg... If is truly FIrst person only i will just don't buy the game... Not even watching news on it... It is just awful.
This has been my most anticipated game since the first trailer. First, it looks like a GTA clone in the 2nd trailer and now we learn that the game is in First Person. I would've still checked the game out and maybe forgive it for being like GTA but I get motion sickness from 1st person games. This is why I skipped the Deus Ex games even though they look amazing.
We live in a day where Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed Odyssey) is going for the CDPR/Bioware crowd and Bioware/CDPR going for the mainstream GTA/CoD/Destiny crowd. The hype I had for this game is officially dead. I'm very sad and disappointed. I guess we'll be using the name 'the old CDPR' when we talk about the Witcher games just like we call Bioware 'the old Bioware' when we talk about their amazing RPGs in the past.
I wish CDPR the best with this game and I hope you guys enjoy the game when it's out. But I won't be playing it.


The only kind of combat that can be satisfying in first person perspective games is gunplay. Anything else is mitigated because of the pigeonholed perspective. It makes melee one-note. It makes sneaking and stealth mechanics ONE-NOTE. It makes any kind of immersion ONE-NOTE. I have been waiting for this game for years and in a single interview, I have lost all hype for this game. I am already clinically depressed, and this bit of news just made me Ultra-clinically depressed.

"But what about Deus Ex chronoid?"

In HR and MD you can use animated combat takes down. That is it. Everything else is gunplay. There is no way in hell this game is going to be as good as CDPR believes it will when it's only in First person. Apart from which, this makes character creation utterly pointless. You had one job CDPR.


I prefer third person over first person and I was expecting something similar to Mass Effect with an optional 1st person mode, I have no problem with 1st person other than my personal preference for TPP but I hope they reconsider adding 3rd person perspective as an option as well.
Im on same boat with you all, not because I dont want to, but because fps games cause motion sickness to me. It would be nice if there were OPTION to have 3rd person mode, like in Skyrim/Fallout. I hope they will add it sometimes, hell even if it would be DLC you have to buy to get it I would be okay with that
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