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Freya's Blessing spawns unit from opponents graveyard when time expires

I encountered a bug with freya's Blessing as I ran out of time to play the card.

The card was highlighted and I was about to play it, but I didn't play it yet, so I wasn't picking a unit from my graveyard yet, as time expired.
Then the card got destroyed and a monster from the opponents graveyard was spawned on a random row of mine.
I think it was from his graveyard as I was playing Skellige and he was playing monsters. It wasn't from my graveyard.

I thought it was funny, but obviously a bug.
Or does monsters have a card where a unit is placed in the opponent's graveyard?
Thanks for your reply.
I Will report this, because it wasn't a one time thing.
Tonight i did it on purpose as my last card to see what would happen because my graveyard didn't have a winning card and somehow it won me the game with a big monster card from my opponents graveyard :D
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A video showcasing the bug
PS. This wasn't the game winning card I mentioned above obviously.
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