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From lv 14 to lv 18 ???????

at the end of the season i was pushed back 4 levels in my rank !
i dont understand the rules of the classified match can someone explain why this happened ?
thx for help
really ? this is terrible no more adrenaline in a ranked match ?
where did you read this ?
I really don't think that people should lose ranks during a season. Sure, I can see how for some people the adrenaline can be interesting. However, many others will hesitate to play once they hit a certain rank, which is not something you want in a multiplayer card game.

I think it's a very healthy change.
i rispect your opinion but i dont agree with you
today i played 20 classified matches whithout the usual tension and was loosing most of them just to try new decks that was something i used to do in friendly matches
can you point to me a sport in which if you loose you dont loose ?
anyway time will tell us the truth
sorry for my english