FSR 3, when can the community expect it!

CDPR out did themselves with the latest updates. I path-trace on a i5 7500 cpu and an rtx 3060 12gb. I have upwards of 40 fps and sometimes 60 fps in some areas of the game with performance DLSS 1440p. THANK YOU CDPR!!!! CAN I HAVE S'MORE PLEASE?!?!?!?!! F S R 3 <3
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If they put Frame gen on the consoles successfully, you know they are going try to get the series S to ray-trace Cyberpunk or at least one would think. There are a lot of reasons for them to take their time that I can think of. That would be super dope to get the series S to ray trace this game. Series X Cyberpunk is going to look so good at 60 fps ray traced. Yummylicious!!! :D:love::cry:
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I think they could use that patch to have another wave of sales as a second life update. People wait for it and then it gets announced and everyone is hyped. They are probably still working on technical implementation of fsr 3, but I'm pretty sure they are done with it and even past testing. Think they are waiting for a proper time window so that more casual gamers who still haven't tried the game due to the fact that the game performed poorly on older hardware. It has to be polished and then they can drop a trailer with comparisons. CDPR are going to make a big deal, a reason to buy the game again)))
If they kept us waiting THAT long, I'd rather have FSR 3.1, unless they do splendid FSR 2.2 upscaling, better than what we have now.
Doesn't seem like it's going to happen.
I use DLSS myself, but that CDPR did announce they would implement FSR3 at some point; I had some hope we would get a few more fixes for persistent issues. They can't work on the game forever, of course, but the unceremonious way they moved on without announcing a final patch came as a surprise.
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