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Full Combat Rebalance 2



Full Combat Rebalance 2

One of the most prominent modders of the first Witcher, Andrzej Kwiatkowski (modding scene nickname – Flash), who’s currently working with us as a Gameplay Designer, is finishing his own mod that tweaks the combat and alters some parts of gameplay of The Witcher 2. Here are just a few features that his upcoming mod will include:

- overall purpose of the mod is to increase Geralt’s responsiveness and mobility
- Geralt can parry attacks while he’s walking and running (new animations)
- Geralt reacts faster to keyboard/gamepad buttons
- active block was replaced by active Quen
- during heavy battle Geralt uses pirouettes and focus (new animations)
- difficulty levels were rebalanced
- Geralt does not “bump” away from opponent’s swords when his attacks are parried which allows quick continuation of the attack sequence
- opponents explode when particular attacks are used, e.g. Igni causes opponent explosion, just like in The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition intro
- elixirs have negative influence

Flash said that he will release this awesome mod in the next two weeks. Personally, I can’t wait!
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This sounds very much like an improvement to the already good game. It addresses the gripes I have with the combat system. Looking forward to it!!


Omfg 0_0 question tho, will it be a mod that can be incorporated into the game or will each mod still have to be run separately?
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If he's in your crew, why is that a mod and not something that was already there?

Is that something that he thought of afterwards? just curious.


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- It will be a mod, not a patch so it won't be integrated with the game.
- It's more than a year after the release of Xbox version of the game and EE version for PC. I have yet to play the game for fun at home, not as a part of work. For this first fan playthrough, in my spare time, I'm changing the game to my liking.
- I've completely moved from dev version of editor to Redkit. Everything needed to make the mod is available in it.


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- Geralt can parry attacks while he’s walking and running (new animations)
- during heavy battle Geralt uses pirouettes and focus (new animations)

If animations is supported by the current version of the 3Ds max script could you then please write a guide how the animations are setup?


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That's a question for animators. I don't know anything about it :)
Mod uses 6 animations that are not among TW2 assets, others are already included with Redkit.


Any chance you could write down some small guides about this stuff?
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good to hear from you again Flash. I'm a big fan of your mod back in the witcher 1 days so I can't wait to use your new mod (Hopefully very soon, than later lol)


Really exciting news! I had no idea Flash got hired as a Gameplay Designer, I guess it explains why The Witcher 3's combat is sounding like it'll fix all the issues people had.

Was hoping to use the mod for a 3rd playthough, it's a shame it can't be integrated into the game. Thanks for taking the time to do this though!


Sweet Jebus! I had lost hope Flash would get around to a combat rebalance for TW2. This is great news. Which I will now spread the world over. :)


Guys, when the mod will be released, we'll prepare a nice changelog with all the features and Flash will explain most of the things. As for now, let's wait, don't swarm him with questions as he's busy with Witcher 3 ;) Thanks!