Game crash upon loading a save


I have the following problem:
Once the PC is restarted, when I try to load any save that was made before the reboot, the game crashes with the error "The instruction at 0x00007FFC1D44EF2A referenced memory at 0x0000000000000000318A. The memory could not be read." But I can start a new game, make saves and load them and everything will work fine. I play without any mods, I have already reinstalled the video driver a few times, I have reinstalled the game, and also gave my saves to a friend and he has them loaded just fine, so the problem is obviously not in corrupted saves.

If you have any idea what the problem may be, please tell me how I can fix it? Also, did you get the similar problems from other players? And, if this is not a problem with the game itself, but with my PC, please advise me how to fix it

Thanks in advance for the answers. Sincerely


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You're welcome. If you want, you can send a ticket directly to the support (it's the best) ;)
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I already did that and they didn't help at all. They just gave me a basic set of checks like "Please, make sure to disable your security software" and so on haha
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Everytime the game goes into loading mode, there is a chance of it crashing.
rtx 3070, 32gb, 12th gen i7 I think.
ntfs external usb c SSD drive.
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